How Many Churches Can You Find in Suzdal

 The metropolitan life maybe a big hit in big cities such as Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. There are so much to see and experience in the larger area. Whereas smaller city offers more specific attraction. Like there is good Reason Why Ivanovo Is Called The City Of Brides or why Suzdal is famous because of its religious landmark. If you are interested in seeing Russia with particular aspect them visiting the smaller city is better. Especially if you are a fan of architectural and vast amazing churches.

Various Amazing Churches in Suzdal

Russia has it all figured out at the beginning. Suzdal is going to be a religious tourist attraction. especially when the Trans Siberian railway was planned to pass this city. However, history has its plan, the railway missed this lovely city and makes its stop in Vladimir, 35 kilometres away from Suzdal. Then the city seems to be stuck in time and everything modern and leaving beautiful Churches with only a few visitors.

The Number Of Churches

Overall there are about 30 churches and most of them are processed by the city. The religious monument not only stands tall as a landmark of passed time even to the Medieval time but some still function. The fact that Suzdal A Part Of Golden Ring or not impact the popularity of the city. With only 10.000 residents in the city, the number of churches is overwhelming. The town rose as a religious centre and highly supported financially by Vasily III and Ivan the Terrible. That was during the 16th century. Then afterwards wealthy merchants invest in the developing of churches with the expectation that the railway will pass to the city and looking into a great prospect in the future.

More Than Just Churches

With the lavish fund from the government and private sectors thus Suzdal at one point reaches the outstanding number of churches. Beyond the amazing churches, there is more than 305 monument that was registered as UNESCO heritage. There are also 14 bell tower, monasteries and convent. It is a place for worship as well admiring al the beautiful carving and painting that lies within. 

The Golden Ring Route

It may miss the Trans Siberian route but not the Golden Ring. When travelling people often based the decision according to accommodation and what lies following the available road. The golden ring applies as a circular route that travel agent often describe to be the heart of Russia. The fact is Suzdal is the smallest city from all the cities in the Golden Ring circle. Yet, it is also the most prominent one. It is considered the jewel of the Must Know For Travelers The Russian Golden Ring. It has a rural old Russia that enhances a true experience like coming back in time. You will experience magnificent churches as well as green hills and vast meadow.

The Main Churches Attraction

What to see when you only have limited time? certainly, it is impossible to visit all of the Churches. Russian Orthodox Church And The Historical Journey of Russia is something you can see in this city. From a very simple wooden church to mega magnificent churches, they are all here. Yet, if you only have time to see some of them, then these churches should be able to represent the overall variety of churches in Suzdal. 

  • The Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral. Te astonishing gold and blue domes constructed between 12 to 13 century. The limestones detail is particularly captivating. It is the biggest church of its time in the city and probably the most visited.
  • Saviour Monastery of St Euthymius has fortress-like feature dated back to 1352. The building is overlooking the Kamenka river, so the view must be breath-taking. Originally has the wooden wall, then later on changed into reddish brick walls. It is a place to pray, a fortress in once even function as a prison.
  • Wooden Church of St. Nicholas. The architectural of a nice combination of wood and stone is well established in this church. Now, It is part of a Museum of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life.
  • St John the Baptist Church. From the architectural point of view, this church represents the white plastered walls. It gives a cleaner look, with the support of a wooden structure.
  • Intercession Convent. Although as a commoner church and convent may seem the same, but all have its specification. The convent was financed by Moscow Knaz (king) Basil The Third. So the interior may differ. There are no paintings or stained glass. It takes a white stone wall.

The government has successfully made the church in the city stand out. It is 0ne of  Best Small Town To Visit In Russia must visited. The modern building is banned and there is no residential area that higher than the common churches. They are usually one story high. So forget about finding a good apartment here. So today Suzdal has churches that you can see and enjoy without overshadowing with the taller building.

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