Suzdal Shopping Arcade; A Must-Visited Place For Shoppaholic

There are so many ways of enjoying a city. Whether exploring is the interesting touristy spot, experiencing the nature of finding their shopping centre to see whats goes on in the heart of the city. You can tell a lot from visiting the city market. What they eat, trade, wear and the people give a pretty good summary of what a city all about. Trading and the place where people buy and sell is always been a centre of culture. They say if you want to learn about a place, look into their shopping place. It pretty much sums up the whole way of living. So, when you traveling to Russia do not miss out the opportunity to experience the real Russian life.

The Suzdal Shopping Arcade

Russian is large and consists of many land and cities. There are more small town scattered around the country compared to the large ones. Although the bigger cities maybe more popular. there are also famous smaller town for its uniqeness. On particular that stands out in the travelling map is a small town name Suzdal. It is not an as big or popular city like Moscow or Saint Petersburg yet it does ring some bells in term of being part of travelling tour pack such as the Luxury Winter Tour In Golden Ring Russia. The small city has many things to offer with the small area to cover, anyone, can and see all of the city within just a day or two. 

Suzdal is so small and packed that it is doable to visit the city in brief. The answer to the question, Can We Visit Suzdal In A Limited Time is definitely yes. Just go to the heart of the city The Suzdal Archade Center. It is a uniqe name for a simple place where people are not just spend money and look for everyday stuff, but it is also a place to see people and to be seen. The shopping centre of Suzdal has many things to see and buy. Most of all, the arcade represent a lot of things that depict the city aside being a shopping area. What can you see in the place?

1. A Great View Of The City

The Arcade has everything that you can find in the city. It was built in the 18th century by the architect Vershinsky in the right place to have a view of the city. It offers the picturesque scenery of the western part of the market square. The shopping Arcade gives an unlimited view of the high bank of the Kamenka River. No wonder Suzdal is one the Best Place For Professional Photography In Russia. There are many intagramable spots to capture. The position of the archade which is in the center of the city, give a wide view to the entire town. Moreover, since the town is not really big, being in the Archade, in the right position can see the overall view of the city. They are certainly too beutiful to missed out.

2. Hang Out Place

If you want a glips on what it is like living in old Russian in its ancient time. Then Suzdal represents it well. We are in time where technology packed the world. More people do not go outside anymore. Buying something is easier by online and so much faster. Even something as easy as going out to shop everyday needs, is now considered something uncommon. Just hit the Suzdal Archade and you will see just about everyone there. People do not just come and buy things but also to meet people. People will flock the area and just enjoy the night or day mingling. It is what people in the old days. For Suzdal, the tradition remains and for tourist, it is a fun activity to see how people interact with one another.

3. Ancient Architectural

The Suzdal govenment manage to keep all their city buildings in their original condition. There are no tall apartments or buildings in general. This rules are established to keep the city as pure as it was back in the old days. So, there are more ancient architectural besides the modern ones. And the shopping area is one particular example that represent that type or architectural.

The long line of the arches with numerous columns is a classical building from 200 years ago. The stalls and shops use this marker to divides the area for shops. The middle area is left empty with an occasional event such as for market day after harvest or an area perfect for conducting Festivals and gathering. The yard seating that is what people called this kind of market setting. You can feel the ages from the building from the heavy doors and interesting architectural. Do you know How Many Churches Can You Find In Suzdal? there are over 30 Churches with two of them near the Shopping Arcade with the same architectural features. The Icon of Our Lady and the Church of the Resurrection.

4. Finding Souvenirs

The arcade is divided into two parts. Area for retail shops in the old part of the arcades and the open area are for the seasonal seller in the square area that decorated quite modestly. So you can get just about anything in the town shopping centre. Souvenirs, clothes or something to eat. The colourful boots, small gifts to bring home or simply blinis and pancakes that were too good the missed out.

There are many souvenirs choices for just every type of travelers. Pictures of great view for those who prefet to capturing the moments. Something small like refrigerator magnet or keychain that you can buy in bulk for something small to give away. It is also nice to try to find the Most favourite Chocolate for Travelers To Bring As Snack or Souvenirs. Some people prefer thing to eat that you can actually bring a taste of Russia. You can find spesific Russian things also like the famous matroiska and various warm clohes to deal with the hars Russia winter.

5. Tourist Attraction

With everything happening in the mall and its interesting feature, no wonder the place attracts many people. The tour or the city tourst guides also marked this place as a must seen place for toourst that may come to the city. So forget the flashing and glittery shopping mall that you usually go to in your hometown or other city. You will not experience that in Suzdal. Instead ithe city offers their hospitality and all their goods all in one place. It is defenetly a place that you have to make as priority if you ever decide too fisit the small town.

The Suzdal Archade is more than a shopping mall. You will meet everyone in the town and go somewhere else if you are interested. See the architectural and admired all the churches and landmark. Do you enjoy the food? Visit the local farm or the monastery for some authentic Russian food. There are so many things going one in Suzdal A Part Of Golden Ring makes it right to be called the hidden jewel of Russia.

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