4 Things You Should Know About Angel Day

You have probably heard that there are more than three hundred holidays in Russia, although not all of them are regarded as off-days or public holiday. But, it is always interesting to see how in the country almost everything is respected with remembrance and its own special day. One of the holidays in Russia is […]

How Many Churches Can You Find in Suzdal

 The metropolitan life maybe a big hit in big cities such as Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. There are so much to see and experience in the larger area. Whereas smaller city offers more specific attraction. Like there is good Reason Why Ivanovo Is Called The City Of Brides or why Suzdal is famous because of its […]

Christmas in Russian Orthodox Church

Christmas in Russian Orthodox Church. Every year Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. Christmas Day is the long-awaited day. There Christians celebrate life. The birth of Jesus is a symbol of hope to be forgiven, to be reconciled, and to be restored. Jesus replaced darkness with light, fear with joy, and death with life. Russian have unique […]