4 Best Russians Makeup Style In 2019

Many people, especially women, have a lot of beauty routine -putting face masker twice a week, covering their hairs with hair cream bath, or applying face cream in the morning and at night. They do it all as a way to take care of themselves.

Applying makeup is also a part of the beauty routine. Women usually do it before going out, either to work, to hang out with their friends, or to date. They will apply the kind of makeup that suitable for the occasion. Usually, the light one is for casual events while the heavy one is for more formal events.

The trends of makeup change from time to time. For now, one of the most popular makeup trends is the Koreans style, where the makeup style is more natural. This trend is widely known all over the world which also makes the sales of Korean cosmetics and skin cares are increasing.  Just like Korean, Russians also have their makeup style. Then later you can try this style at home. Let’s find out more about that.

Best Russians Makeup Style In 2019

One of the many things that makes Russian women popular is their natural beauty. Russians are born with porcelain white skin, high cheekbones, and expressive eyes. They are also known for their love of makeup. Here are some of the best Russians best makeup styles in 2019

1. Eyes Makeup

Russians naturally have big and beautiful eyes. Because of this, they do not need to apply eye makeup style to make their eyes bigger. They just need to make their eyes the center point of their beauty. That is why they will never leave home without applying eyeliner, eye shadows, and dark or shady mascara.

Russian women prefer to have a dramatic look for their eyes. For this look, they will put on synthetic eyelashes. To make sure that the eyelashes would not cause any disturbance for their sight, Russian women choose eyelashes made of super soft and super light natural-like hairs. We know that the eyes appearance cannot be separated from the eyebrow. Nowadays many people pay more attention to their eyebrow makeup. This also applies to Russian women. Since eyebrows are the part that functions as “the frame” of the eyes, Russian women will put on makeup to make it suitable for their dramatic eyes. For this, they will use eyebrow filler which will help eyebrows to look really full. Next time when you are doing your makeup before going out, make sure to try this style. Dramatic eyes are totally one of Russians best makeup style in 2019.

2. Cheek Makeup

Russian women like to have natural pink color on their cheeks and they have two “unusual” ways to make it happen. The first way is to slap their cheek (and forehead) to restore their skin blood circulation. The second way is to rub an ice cube first thing in the morning. This method was started by Empress Catherine The Great and many Russian women claims that it is a great way to decrease face swelling and accentuate the cheekbones.


If you do not have enough time for it, don’t worry! You can just use a bronzer under your cheekbones to highlight them. Do not forget to also put on some blush on with natural color. By applying bronzer to your cheekbones and blend it on your natural-look cheeks, you will get a rosy and fresh look skin. No wonder this is one the Russians best makeup style in 2019, right? 🙂

3. Lip Makeup

Now we have learned that some parts of Russians best makeup style in 2019 are dramatic eyes and highlighted cheekbones with rosy-look skin. To make this look even prettier, Russian women also love to put on bright and bold color lipstick. Their first choice is the color red, a color so identic with Russian women even MAC produces a lipstick shade called “MAC Russian Red”. The red lipstick, which looks good on Russian women white skin, is usually put on when they go to a formal event. For casual occasions, they will choose a lighter shade, such as warm pink. When the cold weather comes, they will apply lip gloss at the very least to keep their lips moisturized.

Since the climate in Russia is generally dry, Russian women choose to give a treatment for their lips to keep them moisturized. Besides never leaving the house without applying some lip gloss first, they also put on lip mask regularly. You can find lip sleeping mask in many stores right now which is a very good solution for dry lips. Having well-moisturized lips in the first place for sure will make it easier for you to apply lipstick. The color will spread more easily on your lips so your lips will automatically look better.

4. Russian Manicure

We must agree that beautiful nails are a part that affects someone’s appearance. Every woman wants their hands to be soft and complemented with well-shaped nails. A very popular cosmetic treatment for your hands and nails is called manicure. When you go to a salon and ask for this treatment, they will give you the best nail treatment consists of nail cutting and painting, as well as cuticles removing. Among the many kinds of manicures we can choose in a salon, there is one coming from Russia, called Russian manicure.

On Russian manicure, the excessive skin surrounding your nail bed will be gotten rid by an electronic file. You will also get your nails trimmed with smooth edges and clean finished look as the result. With that kind of result, this one should be one of the Russians best makeup style in 2019.

Just like the importance of maintaining your moisturized lips regularly, it is also important to keep your nails healthy. This is actually a part of Russians tradition that you can do too at home. Many of their women drink fish oil every day for the health of their nails. Even better, drinking fish oil is also good to keep your skin and hair healthy.

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