6 Hardest Russian Books You Will Ever Read

We all have at least one book which to us humble brags having read. We all have that one hardest book we slogged through one day. There are two basic types of difficulties. Some books are hard to read because of the matter of the subject they promote such as a matter of sexual assault […]

Recommended Books about the Soviet Union for Children

You do not have to be an avid reader to have a thing for history. Fortunately, if your children are drawn to stories about Anne Frank, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Jefferson, and other profound figures of the past, there are plenty of incredible history books for children, especially those that explore milestone events in comprehensive but […]

Here Are Playful Books of Early Soviet Children

Books play an important role in the growth and founding of children. The books they are immersed in and the characters they follow through can become like friends to them. It is also good for them to understand that books are a reliable source of information and that good reading skills are beneficial for success […]

4 Greatest Books that Depict War in Russia

Wartime histories might not be everyone’s favorite genre of literature but, some people find themselves frequently returning to those inspiring stories of heroism. After all, it was those courageous people alone who made the lifestyle they all love so well today possible. In spite of the heartbreak and wickedness that often follow the story of […]

5 Magnificent Books about Russian Heroine

Many people bemoan that there are no strong, realistic female characters in any literature. Don’t you feel astounded? Not that we are surprised that there is a large number of books in which females are solely there to seduce, be silly, or be saved; you must have definitely seen your fair share of that at […]

3 Interesting Books that Tell about Russian Hero

Books that tell about heroes help the readers learn to deal with obstacles in the face of hardship. Heroic epics have aroused the passions of the readers since before written history started, starting with the myths and folktales that would take the role of the basis of the earliest religions. In the Western literary world, […]

3 Popular Russian Books to Teach You Moral Values

Nowadays, we, more often than not, are suffocated with conflicting, ever-shifting standards of morality and ethics. At the same time, we are trying to apply and instill good values at our surroundings, say, our home. Luckily, a really great book that has the power to counter-attack those bad influences from the outside exists. It might […]

3 Most Romantic Books by Ivan Turgenev That are Worth to Read

Just as a wise man once said, reading a general fiction book is like eating a five-course meal with dessert afterward. A romance book is like a cone of ice cream enjoyed when no one is looking. Almost all women love reading romance books. They claim reading a romance book offers them some kind of […]

4 Best Russian Novels to Read for Beginners

Reading easy Russian novels will help you develop and improve your reading skills. Just as a wise man once said, practice makes perfect. But when you are learning Russian, just figuring out the Cyrillic letters seems like a challenge already. That is why it is important to start off with easy Russian novels that will not make you […]

4 Popular Books of Slavery Written by Russian Authors

Serfdom was not necessarily the original status of the Russian peasant. In fact, it was one of the results of the Tartar demolition during the 13th century when peasants became homeless and resided on the land of rich Russians. Russian peasants came under the complete control of the rich Russians who own the land (landowner) by […]