6 Easy Styling for Everyday Short Hairstyle of Russian Women

Short hair for women has always been considered as something challenging, because hair is one of the most treasured features for many women. In Russia, though, short hairstyle is actually quite common. Back to the Soviet Union era, the long over stylish hair was considered bourgeois and of course prohibited by the government. That was […]

Here Are the Most Favorite Everyday Long Hairstyle of Russian Women

Even though the history of Russia, back to its Soviet Union era, makes the short hairstyle the most common style for women there, long hair is still holding up its place in a lot of women’s hearts in the country. While it is not too hard to instantly sport a long hair by using an […]

7 Everlasting Hairstyles of Russian Women That Are Still Popular

Trend in style will always change whether it’s fashion, hairdo, or makeup. There are a lot of things that influence what’s hot and what’s not in style, and it differs too from one place to the other in the world. Long time ago, when the internet was still nonexistent, people looked up to the movie […]