3 Forbidden Rules For Makeup Style in Russia

It is widely known that Russian women love makeup. They will never leave the house without any makeup on. Many people even say that this is a thing that makes them can spot a Russian woman whenever they go. Their concern about how they look – the cosmetics they use and the clothes they wear – makes them stand out.

Just like Russian women, there are many people, women especially, who enjoy having a beauty routine. Most women use a day cream and sunblock cream in the morning, especially when they are going to places with direct sunlight. Later, when they are home and about to go to bed, they will put on some night cream. This beauty routine is believed to be an effective method to take care of their skin. For most women, physical self-care is just that simple. Not for Russian women. Even in the morning, they are willing to take times to put on not only some makeup but also facial mask and peeling creams.

With a big beauty routine like that, it is common to have some restrictions on it. The makeup that regularly used by Russian women is not light because they always like more bold ones. Because of this preference, here are some forbidden rules for makeup style in Russia.

Forbidden Rules For Makeup Style In Russia

Russian women are naturally beautiful. To complement their beautiful appearance, they love wearing makeup. Their makeup style is popular and to apply their style, there are some rules you must be aware of.

1. Balance Makeup

Russian women love the dramatic look for their eyes. They put on bold mascara, eyeliners, and will happily add some artificial eyelashes to give a sensational touch to their eyes. They also will not leave their brows plain. Brows filler is one of the makeup tools that they will never forget. One of their key appearances is their bold lips. Russian women love bright color, such as the color red. This color definitely looks good on their white skin.

We know for sure that Russians love heavy makeup. In spite of that, there is one rule that they also love to follow, the rule of balance. Most Russian women believe their face three regions, the eyes, the lips, and the brows. The rule related to these regions is that they can only have two out of those three to have heavy makeup on. It is actually a good tip to make sure not to wear too much makeup. After all, it is important to put on makeup accordingly to the event you are going to attend. When you are going to work in the morning, of course, you do not need an “evening look”. You can just put on some natural look makeup and you are ready to go. But when you are going to a party at night, you can choose a bolder and more intense color. So, the next time you are preparing yourself to go out, remember one of the forbidden rules for makeup style in Russia: never put on heavy make up on all three regions of your face.

2. Natural Ingredients

The fact that Russian women love cosmetics, it must be very common for them to spare some of their money to buy their favorite makeup brands. Despite their very close “relationship” with cosmetics from so many famous brands, Russian women also believe that it is important to use natural ingredients. Each of Russian women has their own natural beauty recipe that inherited from their grandmothers. All of those recipes consist of natural ingredients to be mixed and turned into a “product” they can use for their skin. For example, Russian women make their own face mask by mixing egg yolk, sour cream, milk, and butter. It is believed to be an effective way to have clear, acne-free skin. It is even will give you a more smooth skin. If you want to clean your makeup, you can also follow Russian women habit to use fresh cucumber juice instead of face tonic.

This is actually a good rule to balance the chemicals that you basically put on your face regularly with natural products. These natural homemade products are guaranteed to be safe for your skin because there are no added chemicals. Now we learn that the second part of forbidden rules for makeup style in Russian is to treat your self with as many natural products as possible. It is good for your skin and for sure will make you feel good, too.

3. The Process

Now we are aware of the fact that Russian women do not only love to use cosmetics but also do enjoy spending times to do their beauty routines. They even must spend times to prepare the natural products they need for their self-care routines. Can you imagine that?

But that is actually the rule that you must follow if you want to follow their makeup style. The rule is not to rush the process. If it takes more time to get prepared in the morning – take a shower, get dressed, put on makeup – then Russian women will get up earlier. They care about their look and their clothes, so they make time for it.

Not only that it takes time to make the whole beautiful appearance happens, but also it takes a lot of effort. The effort of Russian women to maintain their healthy lifestyle, that affects their health physically, is a good example for people who want to live healthily. It is true that Russia is famous for its vodka and festive meal. But now the trend of being healthy is increasing from time to time. Russians now tend to care about the food they eat. They also enjoy doing sports, such as running and biking. They show that they care and are willing to give times to do self-care.

From this third part of forbidden rules for makeup style in Russia, we learn to not rush the process of self-care, whether in putting on makeup, to do your daily self-care routine, or even to build a healthy lifestyle. It all takes time and effort that worth the result.

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