9 Ways to Make Your Skin Lighter Like Russian Women

russian womanAgain and again, Russian women are the most beautiful woman in the world. They have a good body shape, great hair and of course a smooth, light skin. They have such a fair skin that makes any woman in the world envious about. Russian usually only use natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia, but they also maintain their light skin with a more natural and fresh ingredients come from the nature. The Russian women love to use homemade skin treatment and doing at home while they have a free time. In this article, we will discuss the ways to make your skin lighter like Russian Women, such as:

1. Vitamin C

As we know, that vitamin C is the most trustful substance that can make the skin lighter. There are many creams and other natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia that contained high amount of vitamin C. but for Russian, just depending on the Vitamin C contained on the cosmetics is not enough. They usually add vitamin C powder to their creams. Because they believe that Vitamin C powder is giving them bigger effect to the lighter skin. They also use serum with a high containing Vitamin C to maintain the skin lighter. So it will be good for you to use vitamin C in your skin care routine.

2. Face Mask

Another important step in Russian skin care routine that will make the skin lighter is by using Face mask in routine. They may use the instant face mask from the best local cosmetics brand from Russia or use the homemade face mask. They usually use a homemade face mask at home. There are many ingredients that they usually use such as strawberry, sea salt, mustard and some other herbs. All those ingredients are benefit to make the skin lighter, especially the strawberry that is known as a high contained vitamin C fruit. The way to use that also easy, just take the fresh fruit, that bite the tip of and rub the rest of the strawberry to your face. Let it for about 15 minute then rinse it with water. Not only giving you a lighter skin, strawberries also make your skin smoother.

3. Drink Water

Next is the simplest thing we can do to get a lighter skin. Drinking mineral water is the best food for the body and skin. We may not use the best local cosmetics brand from Russia, but by drinking enough water, we may get the best skin condition by drinking mineral water. So, it is better if you drink enough water daily to maintain your skin and also you body health.

3. Daily Toner and Moisturizer

Toner and moisturizer are the best parts of skincare routine. These steps are the most important step to maintain the face skin smoothness and moisture. Since there are many natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia that offer a complete package ingredients of the Toner and Moisturizer, so the Russian love to apply those skin care daily. There also many products that contained a lot of Vitamin C or other ingredients that benefit in lightening skin. And applying toner and moisturizer will also maintain the best condition of our face.

4. Face Steam

You may have heard that steaming the skin will result on the opening of the skin pores that makes the beauty products seeps in to the skin well. On the other hand, face steam also make the face relax and benefit for the blood circulation. So, not only applying natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia, it is important to take care of the skin in a more simple and natural way. Russian also often adds some herbs in to the homemade steam to make the skin more firm, smooth and fair.

5. Vitamin C supplement

As we have discussed before, that Vitamin C is the best substance to lightening skin. By this believe, Russian not only take vitamin C from their cosmetics and skin care treatment routine but also take the Vitamin c inside. They normally take the Vitamin C supplement routine. This is the Russian beauty must because it can boosts your immune system and also plays a vital role in collagen synthesis and can reduce photo damage caused by the UV rays.

6. Vodka

Next is using Vodka. Russian love to use Vodka to maintain their beauty, either consume it or use it as one of the skin care routine. Vodka benefits the skin so much, make it clearer, brighten and also tighten. They usually mix half teaspoon vodka to a cup of brewed green tea, than use cotton to apply it to the face. Other benefit is that vodka makes the skin glows; by use it as a toner. To make the vodka toner, combine a tablespoon of vodka with 2 tablespoon of distilled water and 2 drops each of jojoba and rosemary oil. It will tighten your pores and soothes your face.

7. Fish Oil

Fish oil also uses by the Russian to maintain their skin. They usually take supplement of fish oil and also use it as the face mask. They believe that fish oil will benefit the skin in terms of brightening and lightening the skin. They also, sometimes mix herbs into the fish oil to do the face massage. It will help the skin to be more healthy and lighter.

8. Homemade Scrub

Another important step in maintaining light skin is exfoliation. Even there also many natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia that produces scrub. But Russian woman love to use a homemade scrubs because they believe there are no chemical substances in it and we can control what we want for the scrub. Usually, the Russian woman use sea salt and olive oil for scrubs their skin to get a tender and smooth skin.

Those are 9 Ways to make your skin lighter like Russian women you can try at home.

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