4 Exhilarating Activities to Do In Sochi During Winter

In winter, Sochi is cozy and sunny. Embankments without stalls and streets without tourists have a leisurely measured rest. You can walk around the city enjoying its beauty, or take a trip around the area. Do not be afraid of long walks, because winters in Sochi are mild and warm. And if you still freeze, you can warm up in one of the many cafes or tea houses.

In winter, the ski season opens in Sochi. Therefore, hotels in the Krasnaya Polyana, Esto-Sadok and Gorki areas are more expensive, as they are closest to the ski lifts and slopes. Prices in hotels located closer to the sea, in Sochi itself or its suburbs, on the contrary, are reduced in the winter season. And, although far from the ski slopes, they are worth checking in for them who look for peaceful winters. Here are just a few of the advantages of hotels in Adler and Sochi during the cold season:

  • Reduced prices. The main flow of tourists falls on the summer months and in order to maintain occupancy, many hotels offer good discounts or special promotions to attract customers.
  • There is no usual hustle and bustle in restaurants and cafes.
  • Getting to Krasnaya Polyana is not difficult. From Sochi and Adler, Swallow trains constantly run, in which, enjoying the comfort and views from the window, an hour will pass by unnoticed. It is a pleasure from 200 to 350 rubles, depending on where you are coming from.
  • Many hotels were built for the Olympics and are new. The service, tailored to international standards, is also up to par.

Here are 4 exciting activities you can do in Sochi during winter – whether you travel alone or with family and friends:

1. Skiing

Of course, the bulk of visitors to Sochi in winter are fans of skiing. At their service are three wonderful ski resorts in quality not inferior to their counterparts in the Swiss Alps. These are Gornaya Karusel, Gazprom and Rosa Khutor. At the box office you can buy a ski pass (passport of a skier, in other words). Here is a large selection of subscriptions, from several hours to several days. The price depends not only on the duration of the ski pass, but also on the season. Unfortunately, there is no single subscription for all lifts, as, for example, in Switzerland.

2. Dining in the sky

If you are not a fan of skiing, you can buy a walking ticket and climb to the highest point (2320 m). There is a cozy restaurant with stunning panoramic mountain views where you can have lunch or dinner.

3. Paragliding

If you are brave enough and you don’t care about height, then you can try to fly a dalaplan or a paraglider with an experienced instructor. You can also rent snowmobiles and arrange a small rally with friends. In the evening, sit in the hotel lobby, discuss the day spent and drink mulled wine.

4. Enjoying the attractions

Despite the “calm season”, life in Sochi does not freeze. There is still something to see and places to visit. If you have children, be sure to visit the Sochi Aquarium – Sochi Discovery World Aquarium. Both children and adults will love it here. The first floor is occupied by marine life, the second – freshwater. You can feed the Japanese carps, they are surprisingly voracious and not at all afraid of people. A fish food vending machine for these carps is located in the hall. Watch the sharks and go through a 44-meter-long glass tunnel that gives you the real feeling of being completely submerged on the ocean floor.

Sochi arboretum is also one of the places that you need to see with your own eyes. Most of the plants here are evergreen, so you can visit it at any time of the year, and a panoramic tour of the cable car will allow you to admire the panorama of the entire park and the city. The ostrich farm will surely appeal to children, and adults will not remain indifferent, looking at the “birds” that are bigger than them.

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