What Makes Blini A Must-Taste For Newcomers in Russia?

A country’s traditional dish or signature cuisine is definitely more than just some food on a plate. There’s a lot more going on in there. Almost always, a traditional dish that has been passed over generations tells about the place’s culture, history, and a lot of stories. Russia has a lot of signature dishes that […]

What Is Russian Coulibiac? Here’s How To Make It

One of the many ways to learn about a country tradition is through its food. You can learn about what kind of taste is the most common for people of a certain country once you taste their original meal. You can also learn about the ingredients, which one is originally planted in the country and […]

How Russians Maintain Food? Something They Call “Russian Canning”

There are many food options we can find in the market. If you like to cook, you can buy all the ingredients needed to make your meal from scratch. If you like to eat instant food, you can buy pre-cooked food that only needed to be preheated or cooked in a couple of minutes. There […]

6 Russian Common Dishes for Your Daily Activities

How many meals are there in a day for Russians? Well, three, just like how the rest of the world commonly have them. First, there’s breakfast around seven or eight in the morning before other activities begin; work, school, chores, and more. Russians usually have kasha – buckwheat porridge, butterbrots – sandwich, eggs, tvorog – […]