9 Magnificent Things You Must Know About Popovy Sisters Art Dolls

Russia is no short of talented artists. Usually known for its ballet, there’s another form of art Russian artists secretly excel in: making and sculpting dolls. It’s not surprising though, as a country known for its Matryoshka, dolls art is no stranger for some Russian (such as Nevalyashka). Meet Popovy sisters. Known for their art […]

11 Facts of Nevalyashka Dolls, Perfect gift for your children

Russian toys can be a perfect gift that makes your children happy. There’s a list of dolls and toys you can choose. If it’s a gift for Christmas, read here for inspiration.  However, almost nothing can beat the classic and vintage Nevalyashka. One of the most legendary toys in Russia, almost every child who grew […]

5 Eerie Russian Toys Ever Made (must know!)

There’s no limit in creativity, in the world of toys included. Around the world, you have seen creators stretch their imagination to make an unusual toy. They’re not intended to be fun, but creepy instead. You might have heard the doll Annabelle, which inspired movie producers to make a movie with the same title. These […]