The Best-Selling Russian Movies Throughout the Century

A good movie usually gives a special attraction so people want to watch the movie. Whether in terms of story, the actors in the movie, editing the images in the movie and many others. Maybe that’s why a movie became so famous that tickets to the movie were sold quickly and sold out. All over […]

10 Famous Russian Movie Characters Are Not Played By Russian Actors

In Hollywood movies, many would think that Russian characters are almost always referred as “the bad guy”. It’s partly true, many Russian actors who made it in Hollywood take specialized roles as one of these bad guys. But the truth is, not all of them are antagonists. Although rare, there are some Russian characters that […]

Get to Know 12 Slaying Russian Actors In Hollywood

What’s awesome from Hollywood, besides the fact that a lot of great movies were produced there, is its diversity. In Hollywood, you can see that many movies are representing cultures from all around the world. This is why you can see many movies that take place in Russia.  This diversity also resonates on its actors. […]

Watch These 6 Russian Movies to Change Your Day!

One of the best ways to learn the culture and customs of a country is through the movies it produces. You can get familiar with the language, the way the people dress, the food they have daily, and so on. All this while, the world is mostly familiar with only Hollywood movies and the American […]

8 Russian movies that successfully won the heart of people around the world

Russian cinema is one of the most exceptional in the world. Even since the days of the tsar, Russian talented directors, screenwriters, and actors have experimented in producing good-quality and enjoyable movies. If you’re tired with Hollywood movies and looking for some variety, consider these titles for your next watch list. 1. The Irony of […]

7 Russian Films That Were Considered Too Scandalous

It’s not a secret that Russia is heavy on censorship, especially during the Soviet time. Movies included, there are a number of titles not allowed for distributions in the country. Some are allowed, but even then, the Russian public still considers it inappropriate and scandalous. What are Russia films that were considered too scandalous? These […]

6 Most Controversial Russian Movies You Need to Know

It’s no secret that censorship is a must in Russia. Everything must go through Russia’s Ministry of Culture before it’s deemed appropriate for public. This also applies to movies. The heavy censorship doesn’t discourage some people to suppress their creativity, however. Hence this is why Russian directors still dare to produce pieces that go astray […]

13 Reasons to Watch “Better Than Humans”, A Russian Science Fiction TV Series

There’s only a handful of Russian entertainment products that make it to the global audience. One addition from the past year is a TV series titled Better than Humans. It’s a science fiction TV series created by Andrey Junkovsky, starring Paulina Andreeva and Aleksandr Kuznetsov. It’s original aired date is November 2018, still very fresh. Better […]

6 Best Russian Movies For Your Sweet Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is getting closer. The day of love is a perfect opportunity to have a sweet loving time, either for your romantic partner, friends, or family. Are you planning for some activities? People usually go out for dinner or have a romantic date. However, if you don’t have enough budget (or time), consider watching […]

7 Must-Watch Russian Movies of 2018

7 must-watch Russian movies of 2018 Russian modern movies nowadays became one thing that should be considered by the worldwide film industry. Despite its struggle with the financial crisis, Russian movie maker is able to produce great movies. When Hollywood movies is produced lots of masterpieces movie all over the world, the Russian film industry […]