7 Must-Watch Russian Movies of 2018

I am losing weight7 must-watch Russian movies of 2018

Russian modern movies nowadays became one thing that should be considered by the worldwide film industry. Despite its struggle with the financial crisis, Russian movie maker is able to produce great movies.

When Hollywood movies is produced lots of masterpieces movie all over the world, the Russian film industry try to compete little by little, start from local achievement and later enter the international box office. Based on the popularity and the box office sales, here are lists of 7 must-watch Russian movies of 2018:

1. I am Losing Weight (March 2018)

The movie is directed by Aleksey Nuzhnyy. It belongs to the 2018 comedy movie which has the best achievement among all Russian movies of 2018, it is proved by the total ticket sales around USS 10 million just after two weeks releases.  The premiere is on March, 2018 and has got the best result since then.

The story is really entertaining with the complexity of love and hate relationship between the main character Anna and the two lovers she fond of: her husband named Zhenya and food. Due to her likes of food, she has to face the problems of being fat. The change on Anna body makes her husband displeased and finally left her. Then the story rise with the struggle of Anna to get her ideal body back, with the help of Nikolai –an overweight man who successfully get rid of his overweight – . I am losing weight is very recommended for you who is seeking for entertainment, must-watch movies of 2018.

2. Gogol. Viy (April 2018)

Gogol. Viy is a fantasy horror movie directed by Egor Baranov. Along with high rating and high sales record, the movie is also belong to the most watched Russian movie in 2018. Since its premiere on 5 April 2018, it has reached USS 8 million box office.

The story is about a St. Petersburg writer named Nikolai Gogol who dare challenging the mysterious dark horseman in the effort of saving the girls in the Dikanka village. The villain here tried to threaten the residents with some tricks they did at night, especially the girls. The battle between Gogol with the help of some strong man in the village is shown later in the scenes until the ending of the movie.

The movie actually is a continuation of the previous sequel entitled “Gogol, The Beginning” in 2017. If you like fantasy horror genre movies, then I do recommend you to watch this one.

3. Coach (April 19,2008)

Belong to sports drama movie, this is a work arts of the director Danila Kozlovsky. Besides directing, he also starring as the lead role of movie named Yuri Stolesknikov. First premiered at April 19, 2018, it is dedicated to welcome the biggest football competition of 2018 FIFA World Cup. The outcome is incredible, with total ticket sales around USS 5 million.

  The movie plot tells the story of National soccer team player Yuri Stoleshnikov who decides to leave the team as the result of his failure to score a goal during an important match, later he moved to the small districts and once again starting a career as coach of small team. This movie is inspirational movie, which teach us about how one can survive from the mental breakdown -the worst condition in his career-  then he is able to get up and coach his small team to get stronger with strong self-confidence. One of a kind that should be on your must -watch lists.

4. Night Shift (July, 2018)

Night shift belong to the comedy movie, which is directed by Marius Vaisberg. It took a set in St. Petersburg. The sales ticket from the release date is around USS 1,7 million. The movie is telling story of Max, as head of family, he must bring back the financial condition due to unexpected dismissal from previous work. The problem is he got an offer as a stripper from his friend, thus life must go on and he should able to hide the new profession well and maintains the family harmony.  Looking for a comedy genre, then this will suit to your taste.

5. The Memaid : Lake of the Dead (July, 2018)

Bring fantasy horror genre to his works arts, the director Svyatoslav Podgaevsky is succesfuly presents good storyline and best cinematography. It gets USS 1,5 million from its release.

The mystery from this movie is seen from the start, when the main character named Roma accidentally meet and somehow kiss the stranger whom he just meet in the forest lake. The stranger later found out to be a mermaid, a girl who drowned in the deep lake a long time ago. Soon after his return to his fiancé, Marina, his life has changed dramatically, the change is in forms of dark curse which turn him into terrible creatures. Thus, the true love is tested here, when Marina is willing to do anything to release her fiancé back to normal human.   

6. Unforgiven (September,2018)

It is a drama movie which is directed by Sarik Andreasyan. It gets USS 2,3 million of box office sales. Based on the Uberlingen mid-air collision, the movie itself is about the tragic planes colliding and crashing.

The main character named Vitaly is desperately losing all the family members in the plane crashing, thus he tried to find the one who is responsible for the accident. Because he believe that this is not just an accident, but the fault of flight dispatcher who mistakenly sends two planes with the same route. Can he finally find the truth about the accidents and bring the justice of his death family?

7. Indestructible (October, 2018)

Based on the true story, this action genre movie is directed by Aleksey Sidorov. the movie is dedicated to the Soviet KV-1 tank, as the true heroes of the United Soviet Republic. In which it has dramatically destroyed the villain tanks full armored in the village of Nizhnemityakin in Rostov region.  

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