The Best-Selling Russian Movies Throughout the Century

A good movie usually gives a special attraction so people want to watch the movie. Whether in terms of story, the actors in the movie, editing the images in the movie and many others. Maybe that’s why a movie became so famous that tickets to the movie were sold quickly and sold out. All over […]

The Incredible Russian Film That Has Been Viewed Around the World

Clearly, the film industry in Russia is dated back to the time when Soviet Union still had its power. In 1908, the first Russian fiction movie titled Stenka Razine was produced. In five years, there were already 1,400 cinemas in Russia and around one hundred films made. The Tsarist regime started to use the industry […]

5 Top Recommended Russian Language Movies

Russia is a country that has a long experience. Starting from the political regime of The Russian Empire before 1917, The Soviet Union (1917-1991), and the last is The Russian Federation (1991-present). The long history that Russia passed through certainly greatly influenced this country in various aspects. Political, educational, social, and even artistic aspects that […]

4 Best Russian Horror Movies (Only If You Dare To Watch)

Everyone has different hobbies. And if there is free time, many people spend their time with their hobbies. Watching movies is one of the most popular activities for many people. Watching movies does provide many benefits, and not a futile activity. Apart from being entertaining, we often get inspiration from films. And of course, films […]

4 Most Romantic Russian Movies Of All Time

Movie is one of the media to channel creativity and the message to be conveyed to the audience. A good movie is a movie that can give moral values ​​and life to the audience. Besides that, watching movies is also a favorite activity of many people because it’s entertaining. In fact, many of them make […]

4 Russian Melodrama That Will Tear Your Heart Out

Movie lovers certainly know that Russia is one of the countries famous for its film art. Since the Soviet Union, this country has often been awarded international film awards. Of course this is motivated by directors, script writers, and very talented actors. Film creators don’t hesitate to spend fantastic amounts of money. With large capital, […]

7 Top must – watch modern Russian Movie

Every country has its own unique way to represents their culture and conditions to the people worldwide. Through implicit or explicit kind of exposing, they wants the people feel the essence of its culture, so that the message can be delivered well. Thus, Russian directors believe if they can produce good movie, try hard to […]