The Indefinite Pronouns in Russian Language

We’ve learned about negative pronouns in Russian Language, now let’s start learning about indefinite pronoun. Did you know the function of indefinite pronoun? Almost everyday we use this pronoun when we talk about something that is not specific. Indefinite pronouns in Russian Language are -то,-нибудь,-либо,-кое, некто, нечто, and некоторый, несколько, некий. Indefinite pronouns in Russian Language кто-то – somebody что-то – something […]

How To Use Demonstrative Pronouns In Russian Language

We use demonstrative pronouns to emphasize or point out the specific object. In Russian language, the words that have a function as demonstrative pronouns are Этот, Эта, Это  (this), and Тот, Та, То (that). Maybe you have ever heard these words before. Этот дом (This house) – Тот дом (That house) Эта книга (This book) […]

The Reflective Pronouns in Russian Language

When we talk about an object which is reflected the subject, we use reflective pronouns. We use the reflective pronouns in everyday conversation. Therefore, if it’s taken out of the sentence, it will sound weird and confusing. The reflective pronoun in the Russian language is not complicated, as long as you already have an understanding […]

Russian Personal Pronouns – All Form with Cases

Pronoun is a word that could replace noun in a sentence. Function of pronouns not only in writing but also talking to other people, it is useful for everyday bases so you don’t have to repeat a noun over and over again. Most language around the world have pronouns to be used, so is Russian. […]