7 Best Way to Start Learning Russian

Learning Russian is not so difficult as people think, it will be very interesting if you liked it and know the benefits of learning Russian language. If you’re learning Russian at the moment, then this article will help you to boost your knowledge of learning Russian.

Studying Russian language isn’t something that we can learn easily in a short time, you still requires a basic in Russian. Maybe you are someone who interested with Russia that makes you want to learn the language. Below are some explanation that will guide you to effectively learn Russian language

7 best way to start learning Russian

To reach something we want, there must be a struggle and basic to achieve it. We cannot easily fluent in foreign language without good understanding of the basic. The list below is the best way to start learning Russian that you can do if you want to be good in Russian language.

1. Learning Cyrillic Alphabet

Russians is a language that has a different alphabet, if we use latin alphabet then Russian language have cyrillic alphabet. If we look at some of the cyrillic alphabet, they have similarities with Latin letters but you will find it difference when reading the alphabet. The number of cyrillic alphabets consists of 33 letters and that’s more than the latin alphabet we use.

You can learn the cyrillic alphabets from many media which is very easy to find such as on the internet, mobile apps and books about Russian language lessons. If you want to learn Russian language then mastering cyrillic alphabet is a basic modal for you to continue in studying Russian.

2. Learn to write Cyrillic Alphabet

After knowing the Cyrillic alphabet, so the next step you should try is learn to write the alphabet. If you only memorize the alphabet then you only will know about it but can not write it. There are several Cyrillic letters which have similar form with Latin alphabet and of course we can write them well. For those who just learn it may feel stiff like the first time we begin to write something. Try to write down the letters and translate them into our language, that way will help you to improve writing skill. So many video tutorials how to write Cyrillic alphabet that available on the internet and you can directly access it. Get to know also about Numbers in Russian Language

3. Common Words

Learning common words is important thing to do when you start learning Russian. Common word means a group of words that is often used in daily life for the purpose of everyday communication. If you’re looking for best way to learn Russian language then learn their common words. Try to learn how to introduce yourself, asking the way, time, apologies and much more. If we know the common Russian words then we will not find difficulty when we visit Russia or if there is tourist from Russia asking us.

4. Translate Our Mother Language to Russian

This step will improve your skills furtherly in learning Russian because you’re translating your own language into Russian language. When you already know basic words of Russian, you shall proceed to the next step which is a little bit more advanced. Try translating our language or language we want into Russian then memorize it. You can search for dictionaries or online dictionaries to learn this step, remember to keep practicing and repeat this step.

5. Learn The Grammar

Learning Russian grammar is a difficult part because you are required to learn 6 cases like nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, and prepositional. The function of grammar itself is to how good our communication and how effective the message delivered in Russian. Learning letters, words and sentences is not enough because without grammar it will not be maximal. Lots of tutorials are spread on the Internet and you can directly learn it, this site also provides procedures for the use of grammar in Russian language. Read also Nominative Case in Russian Language

6. Keep Learning Everyday 

Keep learn step by step and keep practice everyday by making tight schedulle of all kind of material that you have to learn in one day to the next. As time goes by, you’re unconsciously gained the ability and new knowledge about Russian language. You can also practice your Russian skills with friends who are studying Russian language as well too.

7. Get closer with Russians

Russia has its own charms in everything like nature, people, culture and entertainment that can bring us closer to it.
The attraction allows you to learn their language in order to communicate well with Russian people. Making friends with Russian people can also help your progress of learning Russian. Go find Russian people on social media or directly meet them when you’re having exchange study program in your school. Sharing lot of things with them will train us in speaking Russian effectively as well discovering new culture. see also : Reason that you must date Russian Girl

Hopefully this article can help you to learn Russian language faster. But how much time to spend in learning Russian itself depends on you, if you are serious in learning then you will get what you want faster. So that is 7 best ways to start learning Russian  that will be useful for you. Keep the spirit in learning Russian language

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