Russian Religious Festival Day; What Are the Preparations?

Do you like to come or join in celebrating a festival? What kind of festival have you participated in? What are some things you do when you enjoy festivals in your home country?

There are many types of festivals held in each country in the world. Each of these countries have their own reasons why the festival was held. Including when the country held a religious day festival.

In Russia there are festivals held to commemorate religious days. Do you know about the festivals? What should we prepare to celebrate the festival? For your information, let’s see about the Russian religious festival day; what are the preparations?

Everyone will be very happy to join in the festivals in their country. A day when everyone will be happy with their family or closest friends. Because often a festival is held during a national holiday in the country.

There are many reasons why a festival is held. Starting from celebrating historic days in the country to commemorating religious days. Commemorating the religious day by holding a festival is not unusual at this time. Many countries have done it, including in Russia.

In Russia, there are several festivals held to coincide with religious days. There are many people who come to celebrate it. To participate in the festival, of course there are some preparations that we have to do. Each festival has its own preparations.

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know anything about the festival and also the preparation to celebrate it. They will be curious and wondering about religious festivals in Russia these days. To answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about the Russian religious festival day; what are the preparations?

  • Introduction About Russian Religious Festival Day

Russian Religious Festival Day is actually a number of festivals held to commemorate religious days in Russia. This festival is usually held when the religious day is celebrated as a Russian national holiday. Most of these festival events still revolve around religious ceremonies, food, music or even dance. So that everyone, both local residents and tourists can join in the fun at the festival.

As a vast country, Russia certainly has a variety of cultures and religions. Therefore, there are many holidays which are commemorated in honor of culture and religion in Russia. One of the ways in which the Russian population commemorates it is to hold a festival. Every Religious Festival Day in Russia certainly has its own preparation by adjusting the customs and culture that is there.

  • Maslenitsa And Its Preparations

Maslenitsa is a religious holiday festival in Russia. It is celebrated for a week before Easter. Or it could also be said to 8 weeks before the Eastern Orthodox Pascha. Maslenitsa is also known as Butter Week, Butter Lady and various other terms.

In celebrating Maslenitsa, Russians made some preparations. For example, building icebergs and seesaw, making Maslenitsa dolls where the dolls are made of straw and given women’s clothing. The Maslenitsa puppet that was made was placed on a pole and then brought to the top of the snow hill.

Then preparations for cooking Russian Blini. Local residents will fast by excluding several types of food including Blini. Each day during celebrating the Maslenitsa festival in several regions in Russia have their respective preparations and activities.

  • Russian Orthodox Christmas And Its Preparations

Russian Orthodox Christmas is the celebration of Christmas which is commonly celebrated by Russian citizens. Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7th. The celebration on that day was almost the same as Christmas in general. Where everyone celebrated happily and gathered with family to worship.

To celebrate the festival commemorating Russian Orthodox Christmas, one of the preparations is to cook meat-free meals on Christmas Eve. People will also decorate the table using white tablecloths. As well as various other festivals where there are a lot of food and drinks. One other tradition in celebrating the Russian Orthodox Christmas festival is by making 12 different types of food called Holly Supper. Some of them are Borscht and Olivier Salad.

  • Russian Orthodox Easter And Its Preparations

The Russian Orthodox Easter festival in Russia is also celebrated with different dates from Easter on the regular calendar. This is usually celebrated between April or May. Although the celebrations are quieter but this is the most beautiful religious festival. On that day, many religious activities were carried out in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Russian Orthodox Easter is the same as Easter in general where the tradition of decorating eggs is still practiced. This is symbolic food that can only be found during the Easter celebration. Eggs and other foods that are usually served when Russian Orthodox Easter becomes an important part of the religious festival.

  • Orthodox International Youth Festival “Bratya” And Its Preparations

The Orthodox International Youth Festival “Bratya” is actually a festival organized by a group of activists in Russia. This festival has been declared as an international festival. But despite all that, this festival has brought together young people from the former Soviet Union.

Orthodox International Youth Festival “Bratya” is a festival that has a lot of activities. Starting from education, stage shows to many other interesting things. The festival was first held in 2005. Since then, the Orthodox International Youth Festival “Bratya” is held every summer.

The place to celebrate the Orthodox International Youth Festival “Bratya” is always changing every time. Neither with the type of festival. There is the Orthodox International Youth Festival “Bratya” which is held in winter and some that are held in summer.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about the Russian religious festival day and its preparations that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about the Russian religious festival day; what are the preparations? Are you excited to join in celebrating this festival?

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