6 Suprising Facts of Russian Students Day Being Called Tatiana Day

Suprising Facts of Russian Students Day Being Called Tatiana Day – Tatiana Day or in Russian called Татьянин день is a religious holiday in Russia. Tatiana Day falls on January 25 according to the Gregorian calendar and on the Julian calendar falls on January 12. Tatiana Day is a day for all students in Russia. During Tatiana Day there will be various celebrations such as parties, dances, shows that you can witness.

1. Origin of Tatiana Day

Tatiana comes from the name of a Christian martyr from Rome. Saint Tatiana lived in the third century when Emperor Alexander Severus became the government there. Saint Tatiana Church is built on one campus in Russia and is able to serve students on 25 January. Speeches and prizes were the first form of service for the church of Saint Tatiana. Saint Tatiana’s Martyr became the patron saint of all students in Russia. Then that date is used as Russian Student Day and incidentally January 25 becomes the end of the first academic year.

2. Life of Saint Tatiana

Saint Tatiana was born to a Roman noble family who converted to Christianity. He is a child who is close to his mother and a favorite for his father. Various miracles are in the life of Saint Tatiana. One of them is Saint Tatiana’s testimony of faith in Christ and worldly podvi [heroic exploitation]. During his life, Saint Tatiana was always in order and sense of responsibility. Many good things can be learned from the life of Saint Tatiana.

All of Saint Tatiana’s life was given to serve the church congregation and she refused to marry. Church services provided by Saint Tatiana include fasting, praying, caring for sick people, and helping people who need help. Saint Tatiana died because of her arrest and torture. Saint Tatiana was sentenced to death when Emperor Severus Alexander was still in power. The persecution was due to a change in faith that occurred there. Saint Tatiana died in a noble state and obtained the crown of martyrdom. The important thing that can be a lesson from Saint Tatiana’s life is his years of devotion to the monastery and his concern for pastors and laypeople who have been persecuted for years.

3. Celebration of All Students in Russia

Tatiana Day is a celebration day for all students in Russia. The activities carried out during the Tatiana day were very diverse. The first day was filled with lavish activities such as official and brief ceremonies at Moscow University, where the Church of Saint Tatiana was built, ate in the most luxurious retoran in Moscow, and festival activities carried out along the streets of Moscow. Moscow becomes one of Russian student-friendly cities. Tatiana Day is one of the days where students can show their social status, because some students who study there are children from wealthy families and nobles. But the longer the celebration of Tatiana’s day was no longer reserved for those children from rich families and nobles. Tatiana Day can be celebrated by all students in Russia from various circles.

4. Activities During Tatiana Day

During the Tatiana day, students from wealthy families and nobles will feast on the most luxurious retoran in Moskow, one of Russian student-friendly cities. The party contains gourmet food, champagne fountains and wine that forms the river. In addition there are also gypsy and troika choirs that you can ride.

Then other students not from rich families and nobles will celebrate Tatiana by partying on campus or small pubs. In the party there will be snowball fighting, skating and hot drinks and alcohol. Besides that there are also various kinds of dances and shows that you can watch. After all the party activities have been carried out almost all day, at night the awards ceremony was held as a form of appreciation to students or teaching staff in Russia.

5. Discounts During Tatiana Day

Besides being celebrated on campus, Tatiana Day is also celebrated in all nightclubs, bars and other places. All places will provide special programs when Tatiana Day takes place. Various discounts will be given to those of you who are still students. Some discounts include giving a 50% discount at a festive concert at the Schroder House Cutural Center for you students. This concert starts at 7pm. This concert at the Schroder House Cultural can make you get closer to Russian language with music. If you have the name Tatiana, you can get this concert ticket for free. Not only at the Schroder House Cutural Center, music concerts are also at Pushkin, precisely at the Youth House, “Tsarskoye Selo”. This concert starts at 6pm and is free for everyone. By attending this concert, you will get closer to Russian language with music.

6. Tatiana Day Celebration on St. Petersburg

The Tatiana Day celebration center is in Moscow, but students in other cities in Russia such as St. Petersburg also celebrated Tatiana Day. Besides Moscow, St. Petersburg, which was once the capital of Russia, can also be called Russian student-friendly cities. If at Tatiana Day you are on St. Petersburg, you must know the following:

  1. Important members of the world of education at St. Petersburg will be present at the Smolny Cathedral in the honor of Saint Tatiana. At the event several awards will be given to active students.
  2. January 27 becomes the night of Tatiana, this evening a festival will be held at the Aurora Concert Hall.
  3. A discount in the form of a piece of apple and lingonberry or cabbage pie is provided free of charge just by showing your student ID at Pirogovy Dvorik Cafe. In addition, the discount is a 10% discount for those of you who have the name Tatiana.

So much information about suprising Russian facts being being day students called Tatiana Day. If you are going to visit Russia at the end of January, you can add Tatiana Day to the list of festivals that you must attend. Although it is a day for students in Russia, the celebration of Tatiana Day can be enjoyed by everyone.

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