Spetsnaz Selection Procedure; What Makes it Tough?

Spetsnaz is a Russian term for Special Forces prepared according to a special program for the formation of ground forces, aviation and navy, as well as border agencies, police, gendarmerie, internal troops, and troops of the National Guard designed to conduct special operations using special tactics and means. Considering the load of the duty, the […]

Why Can’t Russia Be Separated from Military? 

Russia has been known for its powerful military forces. Why can’t Russia be separated from military? The nineteenth century Russian tsar, Alexander III, said that, “Russia only just two partners: her military and her armada.” The man who drives Russia today, President Vladimir Putin, has done bounty to develop Russia’s military might.   However, referring to […]

4 Facts You Should Know When You Decide to Join the Russian Army

Being a soldier or to join the military forces may not be a choice as common as being a lawyer, for example, or starting up a business. But, to some youths, to be in the army is like a dream. Something they have been building brick by brick since they were kids. Surely there are […]