Amazing Performance That Can Be Enjoyed at Ice Theatre in Novopushkinsky 

Covered in snow is a stormy wonderland standing by to be explored. Novopushkinsky ticks all the privilege boxes for a blissful winter escape. There is a portion of preferred approaches to praise the winter season in Russia; quite a lot actually. A few exercises are long-standing customs, others are lesser-known, and all are ensured to help make your days off happy and brilliant. 

The Christmas season in Novopushkinsky most likely means below zero temperatures and heaps of snow. Rather than sleeping, the citizen prefers to bounce feet first into winter by bundling up and wandering outside. You can ribbon up a couple of rental skates to skim over the ice, tear down huge ice slides, play ice hockey, and take free curling classes at Christmas settings. 

However, if you want to remain uninvolved, you can watch an astonishing performance by world-class figure skating champions at the celebration’s outdoors Ice Theater on Novopushkinsky Square. For a starter, here is the amazing performance that can be enjoyed at Ice Theatre in Novopushkinsky. Make sure you write it down your bucket list. 

Journey to Christmas Festival

72 ice shows will be introduced in Moscow during the Journey to Christmas festival. Visitors of the Journey to Christmas festival which will be held in Moscow from December 14th to January 13th are welcome to appreciate ice ballet performances with popular professional skaters. It is the greatest winter occasion of Europe and the most well-known festival in Moscow. 

The Ice Theatre will be constructed in Novopushkinsky Park where ice ballet productions arranged by figure skating stars will be held each day. Ice Theatre tribunes will hold 1,500 individuals and the cost of affirmation tickets for all exhibitions is 100 rubbles. 

46 exhibitions will be appeared in Novopushkinsky Park, meanwhile for the guests of the GUM skating arena, there are 26 exhibitions. The celebration will run each day, weekdays from 11:00 to 21:00, weekends and holidays from 10:00 to 22:00. 

The celebration features bubbly Christmas tree and pixie light establishments, staggering ice ballet performances, theatrical performances and shows by prevalent specialists, Christmas mission with presents and exciting workshops, training, curling, snowboarding, and other winter sports. 

Also, obviously, at the celebration, residents and sightseers can taste the most scrumptious dinners and purchase uncommon souvenirs from all over Russia. 

The Frog Princess in Novopushkinsky Park 

The Ice Theatre in Novopushkinsky public garden will display terrific shows each day coordinated by professional skater Pyotr Chernyshyov. They will star, among different entertainers, Olympic victors and esteemed competition champs including Pyotr Chernyshyov himself, Tatyana Navka, Yelena Ilyinykh, Adelina Sotnikova, Artur Gachinsky, and other remarkable skaters. 

The primary debut of the year will be the fantasy on ice, the Frog Princess, planned for December 31st. Individuals in Moscow will likewise have the option to appreciate the effectively famous ice translations of ballet productions, for example, Swan Lake, Cipollino, the Nutcracker, Snow White, and Cinderella. 

The improvised onlooker zone of the Ice Theatre can accommodate 1,500 individuals. In the interims, guests will have the option to take to the ice themselves and even attempt to rival acclaimed professional skaters. The competitors will lead masterclasses both for grown-ups and youngsters. It is difficult to master a triple toe circle at the principal endeavour yet they can take a stab at learning simple yet amazing moves. 

There will be two ice tracks a length of 35 metres and a width of four metres each. All you need to rehearse athletic equipment members will be given free of charge and experienced educators will show the right developments. To take an interest in master classes, it is recommended to book the track ahead of time on the official site of Curling Federation of Russia. 

So, that is the amazing performance that can be enjoyed at Ice Theatre in Novopushkinsky. Go to Novopushkinsky Square if you want to appreciate the Ice Theatre. The bubbly marvel on ice was organized by the famous skater, Pyotr Chernyshev. During the interim, you will have the option to ride on the arena and participate in master classes in figure skating. 

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