Zaryadye Garden Moscow; What Makes it Should be Visited?

Visit the gardens and see the sights in the surrounding areas may be an option some people to spend their time. They will consider it as a refreshment from the tired activities that they have to do every day. Seeing the green scenery and shade trees can certainly spoil the eye, right?

In every country in the world, of course, it has a garden which is also a characteristic of that country. There are also many gardens that are used as public tourist attractions with all kinds of public facilities that will make visitors feel at home there. Especially if the garden has a special spot to take pictures as preferred by people at this time.

In Russia there are gardens that you must visit. One of the gardens was named Zaryadye Garden Moscow. Have you ever knowing about it? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know, so let’s see about Zaryadye Garden Moscow; what makes it should be visited?

There are many places we can visit to just spend our free time, both alone and with others. If you like a place filled with plants and green landscape, perhaps the garden can be your choice. Of course, there are so many shapes and types of gardens that you can choose according to what you want.

Each country has many beautiful gardens that even some of them are deliberately built or created for a specific purpose. The gardens were like that are very different from the garden that we often see in general. There are several characteristics that will make us remember about the beautiful garden and where it came from.

One country that has a garden with a special arrangement is Russia. As the largest country, there are many types of gardens that you can visit. One of them is Zaryadye Garden Moscow.

Have you ever heard of Zaryadye Garden Moscow? Or maybe have you ever visited the garden? I think there are still many of you who don’t know about Zaryadye Garden Moscow. Therefore, to add information to you, this article will discuss about Zaryadye Garden Moscow; what makes it should be visited?

  • About Zaryadye Garden Moscow

Zaryadye Garden is a landscaped urban park in the city of Moscow, Russia. This garden is located next to the Red Square which is very famous in Moscow. Its location in the former Hotel Rossiya. Zaryadye Garden was inaugurated on September 9, 2017.

Zaryadye Garden has an area of nearly 78000 square meters with 25200 square meters of which are used for multipurpose concert hall. It is the first new garden in Moscow after 50 years. Zaryadye Garden has the main features including hidden facilities under the landscape and dividing the garden into 4 climate zones (forest, steppe, tundra and floodplain).

  • The Attractiveness of Zaryadye Garden Moscow

When you visit Zaryadye Garden Moscow, there are many things you can see and enjoy the facilities that are there. There you can enjoy the Floating Bridge above the Moskva river to see the beautiful view of the area around the garden, the multipurpose concert hall, underground parking that can accommodate up to 430 cars. In addition, there are several other facilities there that increasingly complement existing facilities at Zaryadye Garden Moscow.

With the neat arrangement of Zaryadye Garden Moscow, this garden was placed on the list of the World’s Best Places in 2018. You will be able to easily find this garden because it is still in the area that is characteristic of the city of Moscow.

  • Enjoy the View of Zaryadye Garden Moscow Through the Floating Bridge

Do you want to enjoy the view around the city of Moscow in a different way? If so, you can visit Zaryadye Garden Moscow and head to the Floating Bridge there. This bridge has the structure of thin air in the form of the letter “V”. This bridge towering over the embankment so that seemed to float above the Moscow River.

The Floating Bridge at Zaryadye Garden Moscow is a unique bridge in Russia. The bridge is able to withstand a load of 240 tons, equivalent to around 3000 to 4000 visitors. The security of the garden visitors is also maintained by installing a high fence so that no one can jump or climb the side of the Floating Bridge.

  • Enjoy the Beauty of The Ice Cave at Zaryadye Garden Moscow

Besides the Floating Bridge, you can also enjoy other views at Zaryadye Garden Moscow. That place is the Ice Cave. It is actually a stylish pavilion with interactive exhibits. This ice cave will inform visitors about the history of the development of the Far North.

In the Zaryadye Garden Moscow Ice Cave this negative temperature (cold temperature) is always maintained throughout the year. Even during the day, the temperature in the Ice Cave did not go down. It ranges from -2 degrees to -5 degrees. Inside there is also thick ice which requires 70 tons of water to freeze the ice.

  • There Are Public Facilities That Complement Zaryadye Garden Moscow

In Zaryadye Garden Moscow there are also many public facilities that are increasingly complementing facilities for visitors who come there. Some of them are the concert hall and also the Media Center. The Media Center at Zaryadye Garden Moscow covers an area of 8500 square meters.

The Media Center at Zaryadye Garden Moscow will show you about Russian natural scenery and architecture. It also covers various topics of Russian history such as the Battle of Borodino, the fire of Moscow or the Council in Fili.

And maybe there are still some of the Zaryadye Garden Moscow; what makes it should be visited that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the Zaryadye Garden Moscow; what makes it should be visited. So, are you interested in visiting Zaryadye Garden Moscow and enjoying the beautiful scenery there?

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