Creepiest Things That Willing to Face When You Are Living in Moscow

If you hear something that is “the creepiest”, it is often mystical things that cross the minds of some people. In fact, not all things are said to be “creepy” is always associated with something like that. Sometimes it is more like a figure of speech when imagining something that bothers them.

Many things can be said as something creepy for people. It could be a building, a place or an event that people want to avoid. It’s just that, there are still many people who are related to link it with ghosts and things like that.

There are many things in this world that can be called “creepy” things. Neither in Russia. If you live in a big Russian city like Moscow, there are creepy things you should know. Or do you already know a little about this? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about it, so let’s look at the creepiest things that willing to face when you are living in Moscow.

Maybe, you are one of the few people who still has something to do with “creepy” things with mystical things. In fact, not everything said “creepy” is related to other mystical or magical things. Although indeed the phrase is often used to describe such conditions.

The mention of “creepy” in a matter cannot be generalized. Calling such a thing could be intended for a building, a place, a condition or a description of something. Everyone has their own standards for calling something “creepy”. Neither do the Russians.

In Russia as the largest country, there are many things that can be categorized as “creepy” things. Both as said by local residents as well as said by tourists visiting Russia. Maybe you will agree with the “creepy” expressions that exist in these things and some may disagree.

I think there are still many things in Moscow Russia that are considered “creepy”. Of course, this depends on the perception of each person. You may agree and also may disagree. To add information for you, this article will discuss about the creepiest things that willing to face when you are living in Moscow.

  • Deal with Traffic Jams in The City of Moscow

Maybe this is a creepy thing that happens in modern times. Well, having to deal with a tiring city traffic jam. Just by imagining it, you can already feel how tired you feel when you are behind the wheel. Especially when the weather is hot, it will feel even worse.

Moscow is one of the big busy cities in Russia. If you live in this city, you must be prepared to deal with traffic jams on the road because you prefer to drive your own vehicle. Taking public transportation there seems to be a very appropriate choice if you don’t want to deal with traffic.

  • Ice That Hangs in The Gutters of Moscow

Russia is indeed famous for its extreme winter. With the cold weather, of course the water outside the room will freeze very fast. Both the amount of water is very much and the water that has a little stagnant on the road or other places. Included with the water that is in the gutter in Moscow.

The water in the gutter it would freeze and hang in there. Usually the water that is frozen into ice has a very large size so that the surrounding sidewalks are closed. That’s very dangerous because when the ice falls and hits the head, it can cause death.

  • Living Near Scary Abandoned Buildings in Moscow

And this seems to be one of the common things that can be said to be a creepy thing. Have you ever imagined if you live near a place or building that has long been empty and abandoned? It will feel terrible and also scary, right?

There are several points in Moscow where there are buildings or places that have been abandoned for a very long time. If you live near an area like that, of course you inevitably also have to pass through the empty building or empty space. Imagine if you have to go through it at night and with minimal lights … it’s creepy.

  • Went to Visit Lenin’s Mausoleum

If you like to come to places that offer something related to horror and things like that, maybe you can visit Lenin’s Mausoleum when you are in Moscow. Lenin’s Mausoleum which was inaugurated in 1930 you can see the most famous “mummy” in the world. It is still in the Russian Red Square.

Lenin’s Mausoleum is one of the places that offers the creepiest attractions in Moscow. Visitors to Lenin’s Mausoleum can see Vladimir Ilych Lenin’s body. The body has been embalmed and placed in a pyramid, so you will be able to feel a sensation that is soothing and creepy when you are there.

  • About Fallen Monument Park

One of the interesting places and at the same time another terrible place in Moscow is Fallen Monument Park. This park is different from the parks that we often encounter in general. There you will be able to see statues that are located randomly and have been destroyed in some parts. Fallen Monument Park has so many pieces of sculpture scattered in the park. Imagine if you had to pass through this place at night, isn’t the statue would look creepier?

And maybe there are still some of the creepiest things that willing to face when you are living in Moscow that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the creepiest things that willing to face when you are living in Moscow. So, do you think these things are among the creepiest or even none at all?

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