The Philosophy of Onion Festival in Ivanovo

These days gastronomic has managed to get people getting to know better the food in their plate. Not only how to decorate your meal and indulge your appetite but also look back into the culture behind it. Generally, people would not expect Russia would be so diverse and rich. The natural beauty, cultural heritage and food diversity will surprise you. In the surface, people are familiar with vodka, Borcht, or Blini. In reality. There are different food from various region in the vast Russian ground from different seasons. It took 8 days to travel by train from one corner of Russia to the other. So, you can just imagine how rich the Russian Food Cultures That Should Be Considered to explore and dive into.

The Fact Behind The Onion Festival

Russian also has a long history of being very grateful for the food in their table. That is why there are many Festivals held when the harvest month comes. Young and old, Russian or not are welcome to be one with the festivities. The harsh Russia weather makes everyone excited when there are an abundance of food. They will share their food, drinks and stories. it is surely a Russian experience that makes you feel that you are walking in the shoe of a common Russian.

Now, among the many events in The List Of Awesome Festivals In Russia This November is in the Ivanovo area. The village of Lurh is famous for the festival “Onion-onion”. Yes, you read it correctly. There is one especially day in Russia that is filled with onion all over town. It is not a cooking contest, but more to celebrate the region number one harvest that is known all across the country. To sum things up, here are some facts about the festivals. 

1.History Behind It.

There are so many famous people from Russia that even the world is familiar. One of them is the Great Ivan The Terrible. People may do not know the full story of his life but he does play an important role in Russian expansion. He loves onion and words has it he eats them on a daily basis. History noted that during Ivan reign, the village of Lukh contributes to the gardening in Lukh district. Ivan the terrible give the right to the are to plant onion and sell them duty-free. Of course it also mean to send carts of onion to Moscow.

  1. The Onion Philosophy

Like the famous research scheme of onion. There are layers and layers of meaning behind the celebration. People do not just have fun in the event. They really do go far and beyond to celebrate the festivities. There is the cultural background, the typical Russian Festivals excitement but also the admiration of the onions itself. So, no wonder there are many places in Lukh that celebrate the onions as nobody does. 

  1. The Event

The Ivanovo village may not be as famous as other cities in Russia such as Saint Petersburg or Socha. And there is more to the village to explore and enjoy. But the area does cover much ground, so people from different part of the place can enjoy it

  • central to the village is the place where the main event all happening. There are theatrical performance, warfare of gardeners, flash mobs and of course picture zones. The dividing areas from the program of the festival are to bring efficiency and separates the interest in different categories.
  • Competitions. The different part of the city will hold the Onion competition only. Now, do not be shock to know that Russian love competing. There are events where people gather and make onion sculpture, onion based dishes, onion the sizes and so many more. Even the more outraged game-like onion fashion and the most original onion braid get so many likes and participants that the city will no doubt will keep the event happening.
  • Park of the village: Now there is also one area dedicated only for cooking. Now you may think that Russian Food Which Are Similar To Typical Foods In Other Countries.  Of course, onion is something common that people across the globe are more than familiar. Enjoy the gastronomic show, cooking show, masterclasses from famous chefs, workshop, and many other activities. 

You do not just get to see various food presentation that appeals not only the stomach but also the eyes. The event tries to collaborate traditions, culture and history of the village. So, you bet there will be cultural dances, singing that goes back in history in a lot of fun way. 

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