The Philosophy of Onion Festival in Ivanovo

These days gastronomic has managed to get people getting to know better the food in their plate. Not only how to decorate your meal and indulge your appetite but also look back into the culture behind it. Generally, people would not expect Russia would be so diverse and rich. The natural beauty, cultural heritage and […]

11 Most Famous Facts of Wild Mint Folk Festival in Russia

What’s the plan for Summer? If you travel to Russia and hang around Moscow around June, you might want to consider Wild Mint Folk Festival in your itinerary. There’s no better way to spend summer than dancing and have fun at the festival. Wild Mint Folk Festival is the largest music event in Russia. It’s […]

7 Stunning Music Festivals You Must be Ready to Attend in Russia

Stunning Music Festivals You Must be Ready to Attend in Russia – Music consists of a collection of sounds arranged in such a way that it contains rhythms, songs, tones, and harmony. Music is an entertainment for everyone. Music is a very unique phenomenon because it is produced from several musical instruments. Music has always […]

5 Winter Festivals You Can’t Miss When You’re In Russia

Winter is one of the 4 seasons in a subtropical or temperate climate. The season where the snow will fall and the weather feels cold occurs on December 21 to March 21 in the northern hemisphere, and on June 21 to September 23 in the Southern Hemisphere. Every season becomes its own special time to […]