9 Tips For Romantic Dinner With Your Russian Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

valentine dinnerPlanning for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day with your Russian girlfriend? Some preparation needs to be made to ensure you both have a good time. Impressing a Russian girlfriend is pretty much the same just like with women from the rest of the world. After all, we are women.

But here are some detailed tips to make your dinner date an unforgettable moment for both of you. Check it out!

1. Impress with some Russian

First thing first, impress your Russian girlfriend with some valentine’s related phrases in the Russian language. It shows that you care about her culture and language. And you will impress them with this kind of thoughtfulness. Uttering some Russian phrases also help you practice the language. Maybe she’ll help you correct your pronunciation in the process.

How does one say happy Valentine in Russia?

  • С днем святого Валентина! (S Dnom Svyatogo Valentina!) – Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

When you’re asking her to be your date, use the following phrases:

  • Ты будешь моей Валентиной? (Ty budyesh’ moyey Valentinoy?) – Will you be my Valentine? (asking a girl)
  • Будь моей валентиной (Bud’ moyey Valentinoy) – Be my Valentine! (asking a girl)

Memorize and practice those sentences over and over again and be prepared with her astonishment when you say it to her!

2. Bring a gift

It’s customary to bring a gift when you have a date on Valentine’s Day. Maybe both of you agree to exchange gifts. Be it chocolate or jewelry, pick something that you are sure she will love it. She might already give you hints beforehand on what she’d like to get as a gift, so pay attention for that too.

Giving a valentine present doesn’t have to be expensive. The old adage still holds true, it’s the thought that counts. Personalized presents are better than thoughtless although expensive presents. If you need inspirations, find out several Russian personalized gifts to give your girlfriend on Valentine’s day.

3. Flower doesn’t hurt

Some might think that the flowers are too cheesy. However, let’s disagree. Flowers are sweet and beautiful. Flowers are a symbol of love and affection. What else would be the right time to give your girlfriend a flower? You may have regularly giving her flower other than the Valentine’s Day, but she won’t refuse either if you give flowers again on Valentine’s Day.

4. Dress awesomely and be punctual

Your Russian girlfriend will prepare herself from head to toe and you should too. Wear the appropriate dress code. If you’re going to have dinner at a fancy place, you may consider wearing an elegant suit. Prepare clean and appropriate clothing. Shave and style a bit your hair so you don’t look like you just jump out from the bed. And don’t forget to wear cologne.

Also, be punctual or come early if you can. It’s not fun for your date to wait for you. If you sense that the traffic is going to be bad on Valentine’s eve, get out of the house even earlier.

5. Pick the right restaurant

Pick a restaurant where you think you can have a romantic moment dining there. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Do not strain your budget unnecessarily. However, always check customer reviews so you are sure you’ll the best value for your money.

Check out some of the best restaurants in Russia here for consideration.

6. Book in advance

Now after picking the right place to eat, you should consider making a reservation as soon as possible. Valentine’s day is one of the busiest time of the year when it comes to reserving tables at restaurants. There’s a great possibility that the tables at the restaurant you want are no longer available. Especially if the restaurant is a famous one in town.

Therefore, book weeks or even months in advance, depending on the demand of the restaurant. Booking in advance will spare you a headache. This way you’ll have plenty of time to consider the alternative, should the restaurant is unavailable.

7. Do not get yourself drunk

It certainly a terrible idea if you drink too much during your dinner. Watch your alcohol intake and certainly, dinner is not the best time to try the Russian vodka. Russian women specifically hate drunk men, moreover the one on dates. Russian men are known for their indulgence toward alcohol, something Russian women hate.

So, order a glass of wine but no more. A glass of wine may help if you’re a bit nervous. Getting drunk, however, often will only bring the worst of you. You really don’t want to show your lack of judgment and bad decision making when dating a beautiful Russian woman.

8. Plan an activity after dinner

The romantic date doesn’t have to stop at dinner. After you two have eaten, also plan for a post-dinner activity. It can be anything. From watching a movie at the cinema or visiting the theme park, pick an activity that suits best for you and your date. Use their hobby or passion as a consideration.

If your date is an artist, she will appreciate a visit to museums. Check out some museums in Russia where you can bring her to. If they like watching performances, there are concerts or ballet performance for you.

9. Be a gentleman

Overall, there are no ultimate tips other than being a true gentleman before, during, and after dinner. Women, especially Russian women, love chivalrous men. They will surely appreciate a man who would treat them like a lady. Start small, little actions such as opening the car door for her or pulling out the chair will make ladies sway.

Compliment her on her appearance. Tell her she looks beautiful. After all, she put quite an effort for the makeup and the dress she wears.
When strolling down the city after dinner, she might feel cold. It’s also the opportunity for being a gentleman – lend her your jacket/coat. Be considerate and thoughtful, women like that. Check out more detailed etiquette here.

Hope you guys both have a good time!

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