10 Personal Traits that Russian Man Hate from Woman Instinctively

Have you ever have a crush on someone but after few times they seem like don’t care about you so suddenly? Woman, sometimes it’s not always because you’re not pretty enough, but it might be because of the mistakes you’re doing. It’s important to know how to impress and attract a man, but it’s more important to know what they hate. That way you can avoid doing such silly mistake that can stray him away from you. They might be looking over your strengths and fall for you, but if you can’t win their heart by not doing the things that he hate, then it’s going to come to an end faster than you ever think it would be.

People have different way of judging a traits, but there are few stereotype that most people hate, that you should definitely quit. Don’t even think of doing effective steps how to date a Russian man if you can’t eliminate your bad habits first. If you’re in love with a Russian man, and you want your love to grow while being loved by him as well, then you need to know what he hate. Take a look over what are the personal traits that Russian man hate from woman and make sure to get a grip of your Russian man crush in no time.

Personal Traits Russian Man Hate

Knowing what he loves is as important as knowing the etiquette of dating Russian men, but you’ll be doomed if you know nothing about what he hates. Well, impressing someone is not as hard as changing their bad impressions of you. Make sure you’re careful enough, especially when you’re trying to attract someone that you like. How to make a Russian man fall in love with you? Simply stop doing the things he hate. It’s a must to avoid these list of what he hates :

  1. Don’t know how to dress

A woman doesn’t have to have fancy clothes, wearing expensive makeup products just to impress Russian man. But somehow, they hate woman who can’t dress properly and has no taste in her clothes. She should know where and how to dress in a proper, tasteful way. They’ll appreciate you more if you dress neatly pretty. Simple style can impress them just as how outstanding do, since the thing that matters most is that your way of dressing well. Avoid messy, improper looks whenever you’re going out with this man.

  1. Doesn’t care about house or cooking

It’s important for a woman to dress and pamper herself properly, but it’s also important for her to care about housekeeping matters. She should enjoy being in the kitchen or wandering around the house with her mop and broom. At least, she should know how to do housework properly. However, have you ever heard that the key to win a man is by winning his tummy first? Try cooking something for your man, show him that you have interest in doing the thing that he loves you to do. Nope, you don’t have to be a  chef just to win Russian man, but make sure you don’t hate cooking.

  1. Too flirty

If you’re flirting with your man, then it won’t be any problem as long as it’s not too much. But, if you’re too flirty even with any other man, then it’d be a great turn off for Russian man. Russian man would want her more instead of losing his interest if she can put herself right. Flirt as you wish, but make sure you know the boundaries and limits that will make you come off as interesting instead or boring. Especially, if you know you’re already someone else’s, you should be more careful and loyal to your partner instead of wandering out there, right?

  1. Don’t know how to relax

Russian man doesn’t like a lazy woman, don’t be mistaken. But, they also hate woman who is way too serious. This serious trait can either push him away or stress him out whenever he’s with you. Learn to relax and enjoy more in life, even through hardships you still need to know how to smile. Even when deadlines are lining up, make sure you do it properly but not stressed and being all-serious even when you’re with your Russian man.  You wouldn’t want to lose your man while meeting your deadlines, right?

  1. Pushy

A woman with no determination and principals would not be attractive, but woman who is too pushy and dominating forcefully wouldn’t be good as well. Russian man likes to dominate as how he’s supposed to be as the soon-head-of-the-family. Of course you woman shouldn’t just shut up and follow whatever he wants, but you should have your own principal. Make sure this principal and values of yours didn’t push him on the corner and make him helpless as it is one of the personal traits that Russian man hate from woman.

  1. Don’t know how to appreciate

Russian man loves being the gentleman as much as other man do. Whenever he’s giving you helping hands with the heavy weight you’re lifting, opening the door for you, appreciate him. Don’t refuse and prohibit him from doing the things that he loves to and supposed to do. You should be independent woman, it’s true. But if you never say thank or compliment him about how gentleman he is, yet you complained and such, then he’ll run away from you eventually. Know how to please him when he has already do so much for you, that’s pretty enough to keep him happy whenever he’s with you. Just then, you’ll find out how to marry a Russian man in two months.

  1. Hardcore gossipers

Having a chit-chat talk with BFFs isn’t a wrong thing, but if you’re busy gossiping too much, spreading bad news about others, then he’s likely to stop attracted by you. It’s even worse if you do that gossiping thing when you’re spending time with your man. It’ll be too stressful and negative, especially when he’s already having a rough day. Instead of gossip, you should start talking things that are important and nice to hear, such as motivation, jokes, anything that can support him and lift his spirit up.

  1. Not confident

Man loves woman who are full of themselves, know how to love themselves, or in another word, confident. This woman will also attract Russian man in a way that’s so amazing. Walk with confident, keep your head up, so the tiara won’t fall. But, make sure you’re not being pompous and all boastful for it’s not a good traits either. You’re beautiful the way you are, so stop wondering about your self-worth. Once you know how to love yourself, the right person will come to you. When that time comes, you’ll also get to know how to know that Russian man attracted in you.

It’s such a waste if you’re beautiful by looks but not by heart, right? If you’re naturally pretty, make sure to complete that with inner beauty that will shine all together. Improve your looks, but never forget to maintain your inner beauty for that’s what most important. These personal traits that Russian man hate in woman shouldn’t make you worry and lost your self-esteem, but it should motivate you to change to a better person. Quitting all those bad habits and turning to a better version of you won’t put you at lost. However, doing all those things wouldn’t only help you with your love life, but also your whole social life.

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