How People Celebrate Labor Day In Russia

labor day in russiaLet’s celebrate labor day! Let’s enjoy the day!

Labor day is celebrated as a public holiday. This is a holiday for everyone. People should have fun to enjoy their vacation time, right?

What do you usually do when you have time off during Labor Day celebrations? So how do the Russians celebrate Labor Day as a public holiday?

May 1st is a commemoration of labor day throughout the world. It is also known as International Workers’ Day. Labor Day is usually associated with the demonstrations by the unions. This is similar to what happened in Russia. However, there are differences regarding the celebration of Labor Day in Russia.

In Russia this labor day celebration is like losing its meaning. Although there are still some people who are demonstrating but most Russians use this day to gather with their families. In 1992, the name International Labor Day in Russia changed to Spring and Labor Day.

People in Russia will enjoy an additional two days off during May. Holidays for Spring and Labor Day celebrations begin May 1 to May 5.

There may be many people who are still wondering about what the Russians do during Labor Day celebrations. Does the celebration of Labor Day in Russia the same as that of people in other countries? What makes the celebration of Labor Day may feel different in Russia?

In this article I will discuss about how people celebrate Labor Day in Russia. So how do people celebrate Labor Day in Russia?


One example of how to enjoy labor day celebrations in Russia is to take part in the traditional Labor Day parade. People will go to the street and march in the parade. Public places will be closed during this celebration.

For example, Moscow. Hundreds of thousands of people marched on the main streets to celebrate Spring and Labor Day. Moscow residents carry tulips and lilacs. Tulips and lilacs are symbols of spring. Some people will also bring balloons. They will have fun together there. In some places may still be people who do the demonstration. But that doesn’t seem to reduce the excitement of the parade there. People look really enjoy the festive Spring and Labor Day parade on Russia’s main streets.


Spring and Labor Day is a national holiday. Many Russians spend this holiday with their families. They will enjoy this labor day celebration by going on a picnic with family. Spend time holding barbecues either in the yard or at their picnic area. They will enjoy the whole day having fun with their families.

Going on a picnic with your family will make your mind relax. Besides that, a picnic can also bring family ties closer together. It can happen to families who have family members with high activity. They will use the picnic as well as possible. So it is very suitable activities such as done by the people to spend their holidays in commemoration of Spring and Labor Day.


Besides to going to a parade, celebrating Labor Day in Russia can also be done with just relaxing. There are some people who choose to go to their homes in the countryside. In the house, they do gardening activities with their families. For some people, this kind of activity is one of the activities to spend time with their family.

Some people also choose to go to their homes in the countryside to just enjoy a quiet village atmosphere. Stay away from the crowded atmosphere in the city for a moment. Being far from urban areas can reduce fatigue and stress during work. Maybe this is what makes Russians choose to go to their homes in the countryside to celebrate Spring and Labor Day.


Celebrating Labor Day in Russia is done along with the spring day. The flowers that become a symbol of spring are tulips and lilacs. At the Spring and Labor Day celebrations, men in Russia can give tulips and lilac to women. Sweet thing isn’t it? It might be very romantic if the flowers were given by someone who loved her, right?

The Russians also offer tulips and lilacs at the parade celebrations on the main streets. Pictures of flowers, especially tulips and lilacs, often appears in the artwork on the celebration of Spring and Labor Day.


To celebrate Labor day and spring day in Russia, parents can buy balloons and ice cream for their children. Giving balloons means a symbol of celebration. While giving ice cream as a celebration of the end of winter in Russia. Russian Children can enjoy an ice cream that they get from their parents happily. They can also enjoy the ice cream with their other families while having fun with them.

Aside from tulips and lilacs, balloons also often appear in artwork commemorating spring and labor day in Russia. People who follow the parade on the main street of Russia also brings a lot of balloons.

And maybe there are still many things that Russians can do when celebrating labor day and spring day apart from the activities listed above. All the activities that have been discussed sounds fun doesn’t it? Maybe you can also feel the excitement by visiting Russia. I hope this article can really help you to know that there are many ways to celebrate labor day in Russia.

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