6 Natural and Organic Cosmetics Made in Russia

2211 cosmeticsSometimes you wonder how Russian women can be so beautiful and have great skin. The answer is like anywhere else in the world. In modern days, women use makeup and skincare products to help to maintain their beauty, in Russia included. However, there is a growing concern among women about the products they use. Skincare and makeup are chemical products, and putting a great deal of chemical on your face and body in a long term is never a good idea.

This is where natural and organics cosmetics come in. Natural cosmetics, as indicated by its name, uses the all-natural ingredient. They don’t contain synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients. When the ingredient is still on the farm, farmers don’t use pesticide on them. It’s not to contaminate the product as well as the environment. They also do not use any means of production that is unethical.

In Russia, Natural and Organics cosmetics has plenty of fans. There is a significant growth of demand for Natural and Organic cosmetics made in Russia. Some popular local brands are available in the overseas market while others are exclusive and can only be found in Russia. If you have female friends, family, or loved ones, Natural and Organic cosmetics made in Russia will make a perfect souvenir to bring home.

1. Natura Siberica

Founded in 2007, Natura Siberica is the rising star among skincare brands of Europe. The company’s mission is to deliver the best products made from Siberian herbs and wildflowers. Natura Siberica is very committed in their organic approach. It has the largest organic farm in Siberia. They also work together with local indigenous tribes.

Natura Siberica incorporates Russian ingredients at its product such as Honey Sbiten, birch tree, caviar, and Siberian pine.

Products to try:

  1. Taiga Daily Protection Hand Cream (A moisturizing hand cream made from Siberian stone pine. It contains plenty of amino acids which hydrates and nourish your skin).
  2. Fresh Spa Honey Sbiten Repairing Shampoo ( A shampoo containing extracts of Rowan, wild-growing mountain ash. It is for damaged and colored hair)
  3. Fresh Spa Birch Tree Strengthening Shampoo ( Made from organic birch tree juice which has anti-inflammatory properties. A perfect treatment for hair loss)

2. White Agafia

The secrets of Siberian Grandmother, White Agafia not only focus on organics product. Their line of skincare is also vegan-certified. The ingredients come from Siberia and Baikal region, all natural and have a certification from ICEA – Cosmos Organic. They offer a wide range of skincare product, from shampoo to face cream. White Agafia are especially popular for their anti-aging products.

In the local market, White Agafia is also known as Babushka Agaphya’s recipes.

Products to try:

  1. Active Rejuvenation Natural Lifting Eye Cream (contain Siberian ginseng, Siberian pine & flax oil.  popular eye cream to reduce wrinkles)
  2. Organic Birch Shampoo (shampoo made from Birch leaf extract. Provides hair with supple moisturizing, strengthening roots and helps with hair growth)
  3. Youth Extension Natural Facial Night Cream (Active ingredients including roseroot, tiger grass, and arctic blackberry. A facial cream for mature skin. Helps rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells)

3. 2211

2211 is a premium cosmetic brand which just only emerged in 2016. Their sleek packaging radiates luxury, if not also indicated by their high price. They have a limited range of products, which also screams exclusivity. 2211  offers several types of shampoo, a lip balm, and several face creams.  

  1. Cream-shampoo Tangerine & Cinnamon
  2. Lip Balm Wild Pear + Pink Pepper (A $42 lip balm. Use capsaicin as its ingredients. Claims to bring out your natural lip color by increasing blood circulation on the lips)
  3. Moisturiser Mousse Phyto-peptide+pomegranate Co2 Extract (Contains pomegranate and Phyto-peptide. Provides high antioxidants, increase collagen production, and smooth out wrinkles)

4. Organic Shop

Organic Shop is what you seek if you want something fruity, flowery, tasty, and more international. Their ingredients aren’t always Russian as they also incorporate ingredients from all over the world. Their products smell really good, and they come with trendy packaging. explore the wide range of their products including body butter, shampoo, and hair masks.

Products to try:

  1. Blue Lagoon Mineral Shampoo
  2.  Brazilian Coffee Body Scrub
  3. Express Volume Hair Mask Indian Jasmine
  4. Nourishing Shower Gel Kenyan Macadamia

5. Eco-craft

Eco-craft crafts high-quality cosmetics made of natural oils coming from all over the world. They also use hand-picked herbs, plant extracts and flower water as their ingredients. They offer a complete collection of cosmetic products for your whole body, from your hair to your legs. Eco-craft products also come with beautiful packaging, they’re manually designed, hand-drawn, and the bottle are made from glass to be more eco-friendly.

Products to try:

  1. Natural indelible spray-hair conditioner from the Coconut
  2. Natural shampoo for the weakened and splitting hair “Rain fragrance” (A very interesting shampoo which claims to have the aroma of rain. Use Hypericum oil, thyme, strawberry as its ingredient)
  3. Shower gel “Black currant and tar” (another unique product with the aroma of tea and amber-resinous pines heated in the sun)
  4. Shower gel “Captivating oudh” ( made from fir-tree “ Plenitelny ud ” with the aroma of udovy tree)

6. Planeta Organica

Planeta Organica is another organics brand made in Russia. However, their ingredients come from many other parts of the world, not only from Russia. They have their own extractors in the places where ingredients are collected around the world. This is to ensure they get the freshest and best quality possible.

Products to try:

  1. Shea butter collection for hair and skin nourishment such
  2. Argan oil collection for hair restoration and skin moisturizing
  3. Collection of cosmetics from juicy fruits, detox vegetables, and superfood

So those are 6 Natural and Organic cosmetics made in Russia. Some only sell online, you can check on their official websites. You may want to stick to popular brands if you want something easily obtained, such as Natura Siberica. You can get them at cosmetics stores and shopping malls all over Russia. 

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