8 Personality traits of Russian you must know

Russia is part of a soviet union. Russia is also the largest country in the world and has the ninth largest population in the world. If you or a foreigner living in Russia is almost certain to experience some culture shock such as extreme weather and language differences. In this article will be discussed in full and […]

5 Facts of Muslim Women in Russia (must know!)

Have you ever dated any Russian woman ? If you have, so how is you impression about her ? Don’t forget to also know about the interesting facts of the women in Russia. Still talking that related to the woman, how do you think about Muslim women in Russia ? Let’s talk about the women whose Islam religion […]

5 Facts of Russian Men That You Need to Know

In spite of being one of the largest countries, not much is known about Russia, and many of the unique cultural and traditional knowledge and values are lost in the eyes of most of the world. Due to this, some of the actions that are normal in the other parts of the West can be […]

5 Interesting Facts About Russian Women

Russia is known as one of the most intriguing country, with values that are simply not found or considered strange in other Western countries or even fellow European countries. With a population of women that outnumbers men by nearly 11 million, along with a high mortality rate of men due to alcoholism among other things; […]