10 Ideal Qualities of Woman that Russian Man Looking For Continuously

Love requires no equations or theories. That fluttering hearts and flustered face can happen just anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Most of the time, love come in the least expected time and the least expected ways. But, there’s one thing that you need to know. Love occurs between two people who can be so different in […]

11 Pros of Having Russian Wife (Must know!)

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. The largest of its territory, its largest population, as well as its greatest strength. In addition, Russia also has a very large population. The number of Russian women are more than the Russian men. Many consider this due to the habit of drinking vodka that […]

5 Interesting Facts About Russian Women

Russia is known as one of the most intriguing country, with values that are simply not found or considered strange in other Western countries or even fellow European countries. With a population of women that outnumbers men by nearly 11 million, along with a high mortality rate of men due to alcoholism among other things; […]