3 Charming Appearance of Russian girls

After reading Reasons That You Must Date Russian Girl and Effective Steps of How to Date Russian Women, you might be wondering, what is so attractive about Russian girls? What are the charming appearance of Russian girls? Every girl has their own charm and beauty, but when it comes to appearance (fashion wise), this article can give you […]

4 Effective Ways To Greet Russian Men That You Should Know

The uniqueness of a country is visible from the tradition adopted by the people of that country. Russia is a country that has a uniqueness towards the behavior of society. Russians are famous not easily give a smile to a stranger. However, Russian people have a high sense of humor, not easily offended and honest. If you are […]

5 Stereotypes of Russian which actually true

Basically, stereotypes can be either positive or negative, and the majority of people make it a reason to discriminate. However, not a few people assume that all forms of stereotypes are negative. According to the psychologist, the perception in the psychology of the process that occurs within the individual that begins with the receipt of excitatory, […]

7 things you have to know about Russian Body Language Etiquette

Russian culture is not spared from the eyes of the world. From the vast geographical conditions, extreme weather, to the conditions of cultural traditions of the Russian people who can not be separated from the eyes of the world. Russian culture is strange but interesting to study and social life that did not escape from […]

8 Charming Physical Appearance of Russians

Russia is the largest country in the world. The extent reaches 17,075,200 km2. Most parts of Russia are cold. In winter, temperatures range from -8oC around Moscow to more than -35oC in Central Siberian Plateau. In summer, temperatures vary according to latitude, the temperature of July month ranges from 8 ° C along the coast of […]

5 Characteristics of Russian parents

Different cultures produce different parents with distinctive characteristics. Russians have their own personality traits different and varying from those of other countries. The same goes for characteristics of Russian parents. They share similar traits with other parents in general but also a special trait of their own. You might be curious as to what these characteristics are. […]

6 most likeable things for Russian people

“Russians love vodka” is the most common stereotype known by foreigners. However, there are other most likeable things for Russian people. After reading about personality traits of Russians, you might wonder what are the things Russians like and enjoy. Read this article to find out more! Below are the 6 most likeable things for Russian people: […]

6 most hated things for Russian people

You might be interested in learning more about the Russian culture (especially after reading about flower gifting etiquette and dining etiquette). When visiting Russia or interacting with Russians, pay attention to these most hated things for Russian people. By avoiding these things, you can save yourself from a sour relationship or an awkward moment. Here are the 6 […]

7 Activities That Russians Do in Their Free Time

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5 Top Things That You Didn’t Know About People of Caucasus

Maybe you have heard about the Caucasus Mountains, or maybe you haven’t. It’s a mountain system that borders the continents of Europe and Asia, with majestic peaks, lakes and forest areas. This mountain range also lies between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and is home to some of Europe’s tallest mountains. If you’re wondering […]