6 Facts of Ramadan Culture in Russia

‏Marhaban ya Ramadan The above sentence means : Welcome the Holy Month in Islamic Calendar–Ramadan. Yes, for the muslim in all over the world are counting days to begin fasting in Ramadan. The fasting in this Holy month is an obligation to do. Because it is related to Ramadan that is coming up soon, let’s talk […]

History of Muslim Culture in Russia

The enlightened Islam has been developed in Russia since many centuries ago. The history noted that the appearance of Islam in Russia began in the seventh century. It is much different with the other European countries where Muslim population is a minority, but in Russia, so many indigenous citizens of this country are Muslim. Moreover, […]

5 Facts of Muslim Women in Russia (must know!)

Have you ever dated any Russian woman ? If you have, so how is you impression about her ? Don’t forget to also know about the interesting facts of the women in Russia. Still talking that related to the woman, how do you think about Muslim women in Russia ? Let’s talk about the women whose Islam religion […]

Fasting In The Russian Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church’s teaching about fasting is not a common tradition that Russians know. So that, here they are some explanation about “Fasting In The Russian Orthodox Church” to help those people whom are seeking for the information. The rules of fasting for the Orthodox Christians seem strict enough, especially for those who have not […]