Russian People Fashion Style Along the Winter Season

Fashion is a part of every body’s life. Every year we witness how fast fashion changes. It can be as simple as the most trending color of the year, the most famous make-up style up to the most fashionable clothing of the year. Fashion can be determined based on the weather or season too. During the summer, people tend to wear clothes with bright colors. They will also love to wear clothes with many patterns. For example, this year you would have seen many pink and green colors with the motif of flamingo during the summer. It is a symbol of fun and happy summer.

During the autumn, people will start to wear warm clothes.  You will see many people turn to long-sleeve clothes everywhere with darker and calmer colors, such as brown. When the weather turns a bit colder, they will put on another layer of the coat or some shawl to keep their bodies warm.

Wintertime, as the coldest time of the year, requires even thicker clothes. People will wear an overcoat and layers of clothing. You will also see people put on their beanies and shawls, as well as their boots and gloves. Some people even will cover their ears with earmuffs. All of these clothing items are put on to make sure that they can survive through the freezing time.

It is always interesting to see how people adapt their clothes based on the climate. Moreover, there is another factor, such as trend or fashion that will affect the decision of the clothes people are going to wear. For now, let’s find out about Russian people’s fashion style along the winter season.

Fashionable During Winter

Extremely cold weather will not stop the Russians from wearing fashionable clothes. You want to know how the women’s and men’s appearance during winter there? Here are Russian people fashion style along the winter season

  • Russian Women’s Winter Clothing

During the wintertime, fur or even faux fur coat is a must. Besides that material, the other common ones are wool or leather coats. The women will wear it in a form-fitting way. This will then accompanied by heeled boots. Russian women’s looks are not complete without heeled footwear. So, do not be surprised if they are wearing it even during the wintertime, where there are snow and ice everywhere. This is nothing new for Russian women. It is safe to say that they wear heels on 365 days. The different is, during summer, they will wear high-heeled sandals.

Since Russia is already known for its very cold weather, its fashion designers already provide the markets with the warmest winter clothing. They will go to the famous fashion institutes in Paris or Rome where they will learn how to design fashionable clothes that are also suitable for Russia’s climate. Thanks to this Russians always look fashionable. Moreover, it is not rare to see Russian women mix and match short skirts with warm coats. Their extremely warm coats, fur hats, warm scarves, and gloves are enough to keep their bodies warm. That is why it is no problem for them to wear short bottoms even when the weather is cold.

  • Russian Men’s Winter Clothing

If you want to learn how to look fashionable and classic during wintertime, you can learn from the Russian men. Overall, they will use clothing with darker colors. They will indeed wear overcoat during this period. The most common material is between wool or leather. Most of the time, they will wear the all-purpose ski jackets or any other sport coats.

For the bottoms, they will wear dark-colored jeans and winter boots or sport shoes (most likely they will wear leather ones). Although these two look simple, they will choose the ones that look expensive. To complete their whole look, Russian men will also wear warm gloves and scarves. Besides that, to give extra warmth for their feet, they will put on some socks first, of course.

  • Layers As The Most Important Part

Layers are something you cannot leave out during wintertime. Beneath your coat, make sure you are wearing a sweater and cotton shirt. This will indeed help you to survive Russia’s cold weather. Besides that, if you are traveling to the north side of Russia where the winter is worse, your body might not be ready or used to with the extreme weather. As a preventive thing to do, you can wear thermal underwear under your top and bottom. Hats, scarves, and gloves are a must too. As well as your warmest socks and sip-proof boots.

Now, we know the Russian people’s fashion style along the winter season. Very nice, right?

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