Why Do Russian People Need Webasto to Drive in Winter?

When you are going to Russia, what do you think is going to happen first? Yes, you will feel the cold temperature right away on your skin. The weather in Russian in general consists of 2 types of temperature, low and high. It is described as the continental influenced climate where the summer can be very warm and even very hot. While winter can be very cold. It is not only hot but also accompanied by strong easterly winds (called Buran) and heavy snowball.

Most places in Russia are very cold during winter. Take Siberia as an example. This spot has an extreme climate, very cold winter and hot short summer. It can be very dangerous during the winter. Dangerous in the sense of your health because the temperature can get as low as -35 C. Winter is very dry weather with snows covered the ground from end October to mid-march. Can you imagine being in strong winds and snowstorms during in Russia?

If you still want to enjoy the cold weather of Russia but do not want to suffer from it, you can go to the northern part of Russia. There, the winter is shorter. The ones in the north and northeastern areas along the Black Sea have mild winters. On the other side, they have frequent rainfalls all over the year. The most important thing is you have to make sure that you wear heavyweight clothing. The winter can be freezing so you would want to wear the thickest clothing you have.

Besides wearing thick clothing, you need to find other ways to keep yourself warm. When you are going all over the city, riding in your car, for example, you are going to need an extra thing to keep you warm. This is why you need Webasto. What is it? Why do Russian people need Webasto to drive in winter? Here are the explanations.

Webasto For Driving In Winter

You can wear all the thick clothes and coats you have and have warm beverages. But when you are driving during winter, you would need a Webasto. So here is the answer to the question “why do Russian people need Webasto to drive in winter?”

  • Keep You Warm

Originally, Webasto is a company from Germany. Then Russia has a subsidiary called Webasto Rus. This company is focusing on providing air conditioners, and most importantly for the wintertime, air heater. This tool is provided for all kinds of cars and buses.

Air heater is indeed necessary during the cold weather. As the leading manufacturer if this particular tool, you will get an excellent service. Not only will they seel you the air heater, but also they will help to install it in your car. You do not need to worry if you need any help after the day of your purchasing. The staff is ready to give you the after service.

  • The World’s Coldest Town

There is a town in Russia called Oymyakon. This is a remote area, a part of the Russia region of Yakutia, a part of Siberia. Oymyakon is recognized as the world’s coldest inhabited town. Being named like that is not without any reason. During the wintertime last year, this town reached the temperature as low as -88 C. Can you imagine? It is even colder than the average temperature on Mars! How fascinating!

Sadly, this extreme winter has cause casualties. Two men were riding in a car which unfortunately broken down. They were forced to walk to ask for help but then could not make it because of the super cold weather.

It is common for students in this area to still go to school even when the temperature is as cold as -40 C. But after that incident and considering the weather, thankfully, the school was canceled all through the week. Households and all businesses are keeping their places warm with the work of the central heating. They all also have the backup power generators ready.

Now we know that air heater is an important thing during the cold weather. So when we are asked, why do Russian people need Webasto to drive in winter? Their extremely cold weather is the answer. We should never risk our health especially when the weather is being uncommon.

We are all aware that Russia has one of the coldest winters. As one of the tourists’ destinations, you might want to visit and spend some time in one of the cities. If you travel during winter and want to ride your car to get yourself and your family from one place to another, just remember to have the Webasto installed in your car.

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