10 Most Romantic Ways of Giving Gifts to Your Russian Boyfriend

People says, guys aren’t as picky as girl are. Well, that might be true in some cases. But does this mean you can be reckless while picking gifts for your boyfriend? Of course you’ll love to find the most romantic ways of giving gifts to your Russian boyfriend, right? Turns out picking gift is never easy, no matter who is the one receiving. Picking gifts need your efforts, heart, mind, taste, and of course, money. However, of course you’d want that gift to be both useful and make him happy, won’t you? This is exactly what makes everything harder, but challenging as well at the same time.

What you give to him can affect how he reacts to it, but don’t worry as long as you know the top secret.

Ways of Giving Gifts to Him

Flower, jewelry, chocolate, what are the rest? Giving gifts for woman might be easier, especially if you’re woman as well. Knowing the most popular gifts for woman in Russia can also be very helpful to pcik a gift for Russian woman. Woman seems to need more thing that can be given by other person. But, did you know that man actually also have tons of bucket list that you can pick as a gift to give him? You need to know who they are more, to give them just what they want and need in a proper way. Nothing is hard, if you want to put bigger effort in it. Try to find the most effective ways of giving gifts that will work well, such as :

  1. Handmade meals

You know what, Russian man loves woman who cooks. This is the perfect way to impress him and in the same time, it’s also ideal qualities of woman that Russian man looking for. You can also be creative and innovative here, by creating various kind of foods. You can play it safe by cooking meals that he loves to eat, or take risk by creating something new that he might never taste before. Presentation also matters here. Take your time preparing this meals in the most fancy way that will also please his eyes beside his stomach. It would even be better if you create the set as romantic as possible, such as candlelight dinner in your flat, or anything that you can think of. Once you’ve please his stomach, you get the key to his heart, and that’s the effective steps how to date a Russian man

  1. Mug

Your man loves coffee? Giving her couple mugs that’s well-designed will also be useful for him. He will probably be holding that mug every day, which also means he’ll be reminded of you every day, or even every morning. That’s just the perfect gift that will also make him happy, yet not too private that you don’t need to know his taste. You can be creative with the wrappings that it wouldn’t only be a useful gift, but also a nice one. As long as this mug is being cared for carefully, then it will last for long in his cupboard.

  1. Winter hat

Winter in Russia is definitely cold, and it happen every year. Picking a winter hat and wrap it carefully can be a simple way to give gift for your Russian boyfriend. It can make him feels warm in the winter, and the fact that you’re the one who give him that can warm him up even more. He’ll be thinking of you in the middle of the snow, and we all know that’s the sweetest thing that can happen between lovers. You also don’t have to bother too much about his taste since it’s basically meant to warm him up.

  1. Handmade gifts

Woman is more likely to do something like knitting, scrapbooking, and anything that require patient, right? This is your chance to give him something that he can’t get from anywhere else. Just by using simple equipment, you can create something that capture your memories together. You can make a small bundle of paper that contains reasons why you love him. You can give him handmade gloves by knitting patiently. Anything that you can use and make, it can touch his heart knowing how much effort you poured.

  1. Hobbies-related

Even if your relationship has just started, you should know already what his hobbies are, right? You can find something related to his hobbies, and it will always work. Is he a big fan of music? Get him the newest album of his favourite band and wrap it nicely. Whatever his hobbies might be, you can find the items that he hasn’t got and need. It will touch his heart how you pay attention to his hobby even when you’re trying to find him a gift. This way, he will not only find your gift useful, but also touching and he’ll be reminded of how considerate you are. This is truly the romantic ways of giving gifts to your Russian boyfriend as well as the most effective ways to get Russian boyfriend in a month.

  1. Jacket

Woman loves fashion more than guy, that’s mostly what happened, although not always. But, giving jacket for him can not be wrong. Guy mostly like or need to wear jacket, so it’s nice to give him one. Pick the one that you think match him well. He might not care about the look of the jacket that much, so you don’t have to worry much that he wouldn’t like it. Make sure also, that the jacket is comfortable enough. That’s all that matter to a guy, isn’t it?

  1. Shoes

If your boyfriend is a big fan of sport, for example, basket, then find him basketball shoes. If there’s nothing particular in your mind, then just find for shoes that he can use daily. Make sure it’s comfy and nice, so that your gift won’t be wasted instead of being useful. You don’t have to pick the one that’s the most expensive, so don’t worry as well, if your budget is not that much. You can always give him a nice pair of shoes despite how much money you prepare for him.

  1. Cologne

In fact, not only woman wear perfume or anything that can emphasize their smells. Remember what make you first in love with your Russian boyfriend. Well, you’ll suddenly remember his good smells that drawn you in his love, right? Find cologne with the smell that he likes and he will truly appreciate it. They can also find it useful since it’s what they use daily.

  1. Tie

This will be effective if  your guy is an office worker. A nice tie with the good design will make him happy. They use tie every day, so your gifts won’t go to waste. This is also affordable and simple enough, especially if you’re not yet that close with him.

  1. Wallet

Do you want him to open his wallet and pay his bills thinking of you? No, not because he’s buying something for you. Anything that he bought, he’s reminded of you since it’s the wallet you’re giving to him. Even though a Russian man is a gentlemen who will pay for you, he’ll be happy to receive this from you.

The most important thing for the most romantic ways of giving gifts to your Russian boyfriend is the usefulness of that thing. Somehow knowing the most popular gifts for man in Russia can also be important. Man mostly care about that, so make sure you use this tricks to make your boyfriend happy with what you gave him.

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