Best 24 Hours Supermarket in Moscow

The numerous 24 hours supermarket in Moscow just make traveling in Russia more convenient. You can enjoy the famous places in Moscow, enjoying the night in the city and grab something in the nearest 24 hours supermarket no matter how late it is.

In the city that never sleeps all the public service are open around the clock. You can have a late night dinner in the restaurant that opens until late. In addition, you can travel on a budget and just head out the nearest supermarket. There are many different 24 hours supermarket in Moscow with long opening hours. Let’s review some so you can easily recognize them when you travel to Moscow.

1. Pyaterochka Supermarket

Pyaterochka is soft discount retail chain perfect for cheap shopping for the traveler. Pyaterochka means ‘little five’ and is a has all the necessary groceries at good prices. Moreover, they are small and are found everywhere. There are more than 10,000 of these 24 hours supermarket in all of Russia.

Their bright red and green facade is an icon for late nightwalkers. It sells cheap groceries, snacks, hygiene items, newspapers and household items such as plates, cups, hangers, and hosiery. You can come here late at night and find this store open and ready to help you.

2. Metro Cash & Carry

Metro is one of the largest cash & carry stores in Russia. The company offers various products, from fresh fish, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables, wine to household and tableware goods. Moreover, it serves a store for office essentials, lifestyle products, organic products, and regional specialties. This supermarket also a supplier for hotels, restaurants, caterers, small and medium-size retailers/traders, service companies, businesses, and offices. Therefore, there is no doubt that this supermarket has a reliable service for 24 hours supermarket.

3. Auchan Supermarket

Auchan is a large chain of hypermarkets and supermarket across Russia. This hypermarket offers a wide range of goods food, ready to eat dishes, household goods and chemicals, auto goods, clothes, furniture and many more at acceptable prices. Their supermarket also displays a great variety of items and appeal to wide range of buyers.

Achan is also a discount hypermarket, therefore, you can really be saved up. There are around 100 chain stores around Russia. Moreover, you can find these red stores a little outside the city center or as part of a larger shopping center.

4. Perekrestok

Another 24 hours supermarket chain in Russian with reasonably affordable prices. This company also has a mini market sister chain called Perekrestok Express. The name means ‘crossroads’ and has a green feature. Moreover, their product list is quite larger compared to another big supermarket chain in Russia, such as Pyaterochka and Magnit.

5. Azbuka Vkusa

The new modern 24 hours supermarket enhanced with online delivery service. You just browse through their website and have items delivered to your front door. This supermarket has several stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their chain of mini markets “Ab Daily” with smaller stores also available 24 hours a day around the clock.

6. Bahetle

This 24 hours supermarket is mostly you can find in Kazan city. It is a well-known supermarket center in the Tartar area. However, they do have several stores in Moscow. Their main feature of the supermarkets all about Tatar, which enriches the variety of choice among other supermarkets in Moscow. The Bakhetle chain supermarkets offer a great range of goods from tartar food, baby food, and various confectionery. There is also an assortment of ready to eat dishes, such as pies, pastries, salads, pizza, shish kebabs, and banquet dishes. It is also a great place for Kazan people living in Moscow, to have a little piece of their city in the downtown capital city.

7. Globus Gourmet

Globus Gourmet is a premium delicatessen supermarket with stunning interior design. The luxurious atmosphere is also visible through their high-end items, upscale food, drinks, and other items. Here you can find daily needs to items for some special occasions or everyday events. You can shop like a tsar with the commom people prices.

Globus Gourmet looks very exorbitantly expensive with its opulent interior design. It has shiny steel counters, black walls, and linen lamps. However, prices are surprisingly quiet reasonable, although good quality and gourmet food are never cheap. Globus Gourmet does not claim to be a gourmet boutique, but rather as a 24hour supermarket like other stores. There are currently five Globus Gourmet chain stores across Moscow with one branch in St. Petersburg.

8. Dixy

Another discount supermarket chains with affordable food and easy to cook products. Moreover, with about 1,500 stores, Dixy is a common supermarket that you can find for every 5 blocks of your walks among Moscow famous landmark. Their stores are mainly found in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The shops have all the necessary daily groceries with most stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Many supermarkets have signature color and the orange facade is the icon of this 24 hours supermarket.

9. Yeliseev’s Food Hall

This supermarket opens 24-hours a day. It mainly offers various food, drinks, grocery, and even caviar. They have English speaking staff which makes it easier to shop. However, if you learn some easy Russian it will be most helpful. Its location in the Moscow center makes it reachable and close to major tourist spots or public transportation such as trams or metro stations in Moscow. Tourist can easily spot this stores in the mains busy street of Moscow.

10. Sedmoy Kontinent

Sedmoy Kontinent is one of the larger upscale supermarket chains in Russia. In addition with 140 stores around the country, it also diverse their supermarket scale to several types. You can visit all of their 24 hours supermarket, to their extra-large hypermarkets. Moreover, the retailer offers a wide spectrum of services from dry-cleaning to photo-printing.

In addition to their endless service, Sedmoy Kontinent also offers delivery service ranging from groceries, medicines, flowers, and even television sets. Many costumers take advantages of deliveries for purchases over 1500 rubles are free of charges. Their prices are higher among other 24 hours supermarket in Moscow, but they are not exorbitant, and Sedmoy Kontinent is convenient.

11. The Eliseevskiy

It is probably the oldest supermarket chain in Moscow. It opens since 1890 and always tries to reinvent and renovated to restore it to its past glories. The Empire-style interior in this palace-like supermarket is stunning. It has Stalin influence interior similar to the Beautiful metro station in Moscow.  The stores are decorated with large mirrors, gold moldings on the ceiling, crystal chandeliers, and mahogany furnishings.

The grocery store has a large range of assortment, including fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, cheeses, and pre-prepared foods like rabbit and sturgeon shashlik. In addition, there are always freshly-baked bread and delicious pies, cakes, and exclusive handmade chocolates.  There is even a department selling Russian souvenirs. So you can get your souvenirs right here at an affordable price.

It is very easy and safe to travel in Russia. The country also extremely welcoming to foreign tourist. Gradually Moscow built up their countries with various services day and night. These 24 hours supermarket come in handy for those picky eaters or traveler who want to stretch their expense. Shopping there is a way to do clever shopping in Moscow.

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