7 Halal Restaurant in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest city after Moscow. The city lies in northern Russia. Since this city is a big city, then St. Petersburg will be the recommendation of a visit for tourists. The city presents a more elegant style of ancient Europe. It would be nice to visit various corners of St. Petersburg. Finding halal food in this city is as easy as in Moscow. Here are some halal restaurant in St. Petersburg : Read also Popular Foods in St. Petersburg During Ramadan

1. Oh Mumbai Restaurant

Oh MumbaiAs the name implies, this restaurant is an Indian restaurant. Some of the employees who work in this restaurant are genuine Indians. Oh Mumbai is an Indian restaurant that has halal certificate. If you visit this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious Indian cuisine. As we know, Indian cuisine includes the most delicious cuisine in the world. Russian people who come to this restaurant also like how delicious indian food.

In addition, the portion served is also quite satisfying for Europeans.
Another uniqueness of this restaurant is its very indian decor. This may be a different thing for Russian people. You will really feel the atmosphere of thick India in this restaurant. But if you visit this restaurant, bring enough cash. Because Oh Mumbai does not serve any payment other than cash. Also read Halal Foods in Russia

2. Tandoori Nights Restaurant

Tandoori NightsTandoori Nights is another Indian restaurant. It looks like an Indian restaurant is indeed a good walk in St. Petersburg. Indian cuisine mostly made from vegetables, flour, chicken, goat, and cow. In addition they also provide seafood. That’s why Indian food is very potential to be halal food.

You do not have to worry if going into Indian restaurant. Because they rarely provide foods that are not kosher like pigs, dogs, and so forth. The Tandoori Nights decor is more touched by European style, in contrast to Oh India’s very Indian one.

3. Market Place Restaurant

Market PlaceMarket Place is one of the best restaurant in St. Petersburg. This restaurant provides many kosher menus. If you miss Asian cuisine, then come to Market Place. This restaurant provides a typical Asian menu such as fried noodles, kwetiau, cap jay, and more. If you are an asian, then you already know what halal food is. You just avoid meat from dog, pig, and else. You will find it easier to ask the waiter’s recommendation at this restaurant for halal food.

Contrast to the two previous restaurants, this restaurant has a quieter decor and very appropriate with young people. Light that is not too bright, it creates an intimate impression. This is very appropriate for you who want to linger to eat while talking casually with your friends.

4. Navruz Restaurant

NavruzThis restaurant clearly has a halal certificate. You can choose any menu in this restaurant as long as there is a halal sign. The cuisine provided is eastern european cuisine in general. Navruz is one of the European-style restaurants that is a kosher restaurant. Once you enter this restaurant, you will be served with beautiful calligraphy typical of eastern europe.

The images and motifs were imprinted on the walls, poles, even the roof of the restaurant. With a comfortable sofa, you can enjoy your meal with friends, girlfriends, or family. Read also Popular Foods in Moscow During Ramadan

5. ChaCha Restaurant

ChaChaThis restaurant is the one of halal restaurant in St. Petersburg. Its genuine russia restaurant. The menu provided is the original menu from russia. Such as bread, stroganoff, and others. In addition, ChaCha also provides a menu of other european dishes and various kinds of soup.

You will be presented with classic and tranquil scenery when entering this restaurant. With unique wooden floors and décor, ChaCha’s restaurant makes visitors feel comfortable and at ease. Indeed most restaurants in Russia are classic and soothing. If you enter a restaurant in Russia, you will get the nice view too.

6. Baku Restaurant

BakuThe next halal restaurant is Baku Restaurant. This restaurant is eastern european style and very russia. Baku is perfect for vegetarian. You can enjoy russian food like Borch and other soups. For a unique seasoning meal, you can try Azerbaijani food. With a loose place, Baku is a very comfortable eating place.

The restaurant decor is turkish and a little bit mixed with european. Your eyes will be pampered with this unique blend of decor. With delicious cuisine, you will not be disappointed with Baku. See also popular drinks in Moscow during Ramadan

7. Yat Restaurant

yatThe other halal restaurant in St. Petersburg is yat restaurant. This restaurant provides various types of russian cuisine. Such as stroganoff, chak-chak, and various kinds of soup. For you who are vegetarian, Yat is the right choice. Because this restaurant provides many menus for vegetarians. If you are still confused to choose halal menu, you better ask the restaurant waiter suggestions. Because many Russian cuisine also contains alcohol.

Yat restaurant has many visitors in the afternoon at around 18:00 to 20:00. If you want to relax for a moment, you better avoid those hours. Yat presents a very classic decor with mostly wooden furnishings. There is a natural touch on some furniture such as a sink and wall hangings.

That’s some of halal restaurants in St. Petersburg. Kosher cuisine in general is turkish food, Indian food, and russian food itself. There are many famous restaurants in St. Petersburg provides many halal menus. If you visit a restaurant, do not hesitate to ask the waiter about halal menu. Since halal food is now hard for the public, the waiter will advise you as a Muslim traveler. See also halal restaurant in Moscow.

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