5 Things to Prepare for Reindeer Herder Festival in Yamal

Two times per year, the Nenets of the Yamal Peninsula migrate 60 kilometers over the frozen Ob, a bay of the Arctic Ocean. This exceptional relocation can take as long as 24 hours. There is no field en route in it meaning it is a race to get to the opposite side before the reindeer becomes excessively feeble from an absence of nourishment. There will be no breaks for the herders, the animals or for you. Toward the finish of the intersection, we are welcome to the yearly Reindeer Herder Festival in Yamal which will offer an opportunity to observe some exceptional occasions, for example, reindeer racing and customary games.

The best season for you to visit is late March, so as to harmonize with the Reindeer Herder Festival. This happens every year on the frozen waterway Ob by Salekhard, generally on the most recent end of the week in March. Many Nenets people travel from the encompassing taiga woods and tundra, so as to contend in reindeer sled races and conventional exercises, for example, reindeer lassoing. 

But do you know what to prepare while participating in this festival? In order to be of help, we have rounded up 5 things to prepare for the Reindeer Herder Festival in Yamal. Stay tuned and take notes.

1. Mini Rucksack 

When you have gotten your work done, it is a great opportunity to choose the correct pack or case. Wheelies are incredible for the air terminal and all level, stable ground; in case you will confront any kind of harsher landscape, a mini rucksack or over-the-shoulder holdall would be your new closest companion. 

2. Winter Sports Gear 

In case you are wanting to attempt a couple of winter sports on your outing, bringing a couple of things in your bag will spare you money on rentals. On the off chance that the snow is sufficiently hard, you can bring comfortable crampons that go over your standard climbing boots as your go-to requirement for snowshoeing.

For clothings — which is likewise ideal for snowshoeing or other outdoor brandishing undertakings — you can wear rain pants over your climbing pants. On top, you might want to layer a fleece long sleeve shirt with your downpour coat, in addition to your packable down coat when you need an extra warm layer.

3. Chapstick and Lotion 

The air in winter is extremely dry. You would think like, snow may help, yet no. Put in a couple of hours adventuring in this festival and you are going to wind up with dried out lips and parched, dried skin. So we enthusiastically recommend bringing some great quality chapstick with you during your outing. We also recommend using a heavy lotion consistently. Remember to bring some intensive moisturizer for your hair, as well.

4. Action Camera

All you need is an action pocket-sized camera that shows up deceptively small and antiquated to potential criminals but still takes amazing photographs. On the off chance that you will be going snowboarding or taking sweeping scene shots, a GoPro is an extraordinary decision.

5. Warm Wool Socks 

Warm boots are not the only thing you will have to keep your feet toasty warm. Remember to bring warm socks, too. Ensure you do not just have common acrylic socks because they will not keep your feet warm while you are going in the winter. Instead, make sure you get socks that are fundamentally made of delicate, heat-directing fleece. We suggest wearing precisely two sets. On wet days, when snow is liquefying into cold, miserable slush, you can bring along a couple of waterproof socks to be safe.

So, those are 5 things to prepare for the Reindeer Herder Festival in Yamal. The trick is to wear the entirety of your heaviest stuff on your travel days like your bulky coat, the scarf that is as large as a cover, et cetera. Other than that, everything else you pack ought to be delicate, lightweight, and travel-friendly. You will also need your clothes to pull double duty so you do not require the same number of them overall.

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