5 Most Common Music Tastes of Russian People These Days

I want to ask you something. What kind of song do you really like? Does the music on your favorite song match your music taste? What kind of music do you like?

Many things we can ask someone about their favorite music tastes. And it seems like that is a reasonable question. One person to another may have different musical tastes. People tend to follow the current trend.

So, does that also happen to Russians? Maybe yes, maybe no. Subjective. Let’s see how the most common musical tastes in Russia these days.

Someone’s music taste is a subjective thing. People cannot just force others to follow their music tastes. People also cannot just judge someone’s music taste as good or bad. They have their own taste. The music taste of everyone in a country is a lot different. Moreover, compared with other countries, right? Obviously very different.

A person’s music taste can be greatly influenced by international trends that enter a country. There are some singers who have finally chosen to follow the current trends so that they don’t feel outdated. However, there are also those who maintain the distinctive characteristics of the song that the singer has but add a little arrangement to the music. The international music trends that have entered Russia have also influenced the music tastes of people in Russia at this time. Even the trend of music taste is felt to be a common music taste.

In this article, I will discuss the 5 most common music tastes of Russian people these days.

  • Pop Music – Russian Pop

Pop music is a genre that has many fans around the world. Fans of pop music is dominated by young people. Many young people love pop music because pop music has light and sweet song lyrics.

Pop music in Russia is also like that. Russian pop music is pop music with lyrics using the Russian language. Russian pop sounds very sweet with the accompaniment of traditional Russian music. In Russian pop music sometimes, it has easy-to-remember melodies with a singer that sounds catchy. The storyline of the Russian pop song is almost the same as in general pop song that tells of a love story full of ups and downs.

Many of the Russian pop singers are so popular. Among them are Alla Pugacheva, Valery Leontiev, Dima Bilan, Zemfira, A-Studio, t.A.T.u and other singers.

  • Russian Hip Hop / Rap Music

Hip hop music or rap music is a genre that is very popular in Russia. Hip hop music in Russia recorded using the Russian language. Although there are also some Russian rappers who sing their rap songs in English and German. The songs sung by Russian rappers have been used as the soundtrack of films and games.

Hip hop or rap music itself entered Russia since 1984 in Samara. But the Russian rap pioneer is a Moscow group named Malchishnik (Мальчи́шник). Rap music received recognition in 1994 through a Bad Balance album titled Naletchiki Bad B.

At present there are many artists who use the genre of hip hop or rap in Russia, including Oxxxymiron, Basta, Timati, FACE and many others.

  • Rock Music – Russian Rock

Rock music in Russia is a genre of timeless songs. Russian rock is a rock music in the Russian language which has lost influence of western music. Russian rock music began to be known since the 1960s. At that time, rock music was divided into two groups, the official group in the Melodiya record label and the underground group— they were a group that was not included in the Melodiya record label and limited movement in promoting their song. Rock music itself has a golden age in Russia in the 1980s.

There are many artists who use rock music in their songs such as Aquarium, Alisa, DDT, Splean and many others.

  • Techno and Electronica Music

Techno and electronic music are a new and modern genre of music. Both genres of music are still very popular in Russia and much-loved by young people in the country. This music genre is in accordance with the musical tastes that exist at this time. Techno and electronic music are widely played in clubs, bars, cafes and several other places.

Techno and electronic music are a genre of music that comes from outside Russia. Both of these genres appeared in Russia because of international trends, especially from western music trends. Because of the popularity of the two music genres at this time, in Russia there have been several special music festivals to play techno and electronic music. This festival is often held in the summer. This festival can invite the world’s top DJs and artists in this genre.

  • Classical and Opera Music

Although it is no longer a popular genre in Russia, there are still some people in Russia who are very fond of the classical and opera genres. There are also young people who also like this music genre. According to those who like this music genre, they feel calm and peaceful when listening to classical music and opera.

Classical music and opera in Russia usually have lyrics that relate to the culture and lives of people in Russia. This genre of music achieved a rapid development in the music industry in Russia in the 19th century. At this time, young people who were still listening to classical music and opera and liked the genre of music were often considered to have a high and unique taste for music. Although not a few people who listen to songs with a genre of classical music and opera are just like certain songs. Usually because of family factors who also like these two genres.

And maybe there are still some of must common music taste of Russian people in these days that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the 5 must common music taste of Russian people in these days.

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