4 Most Popular Moscow Hotels with Best Nightclubs

A nightclub is a great venue for leisure activities for adults. The program of nightclubs is diverse – it includes music and dance programs aimed at adult youth, and entertainment programs for a more relaxed audience. The modern philosophy of a nightclub is much broader than the concept of a disco. The standard set of entertainment gathered in the territory of the average Moscow nightclub includes a bar with a restaurant, dance floor, show programs, private rooms, a sauna, karaoke, billiards – in general, a maximum of entertainment in one place so that each guest can relax and feel a riot of endorphins in the blood. A night club is a great place to relax, socialize and meet people. Some large Moscow hotels have their own nightclubs that have long gained popularity not only among tourists, but also among the capital’s residents. Here are 4 of our recommendations for you:

1. Alpha Hotel

Location of the Alpha Hotel is worthy of only praise. The hotel is not very far from the center of Moscow and is conveniently close to metro stations. The nearest metro station, Partizanskaya, is located just a few steps from the hotel. Literally under the windows of the Alpha Hotel is the Izmailovsky Kremlin – a cultural and entertainment complex with numerous museums and workshops, behind which begins the famous Moscow market, where you can buy various souvenirs, paintings and antiques. Additional convenience is created by the presence of several shopping centers and a huge number of restaurants and eateries near the metro.

Alpha is so huge that within its walls fit a whole city of entertainment, which has several restaurants, bars, a night club, a sauna, and a beauty salon. The Admiral Night Club, located on the 4th floor of the Alpha Hotel, is designed primarily for men. Conceptually represents an erotic cabaret. In addition to striptease, the club is ready to please its visitors with a wide range of related services: restaurant, bar, karaoke, hookah, billiards, VIP rooms. The institution is open daily from 21:00 to 5:00.

2. Best Western Vega Hotel and Congress Center

Initially, the Izmailovo hotel, which is also often called the Izmailovskaya hotel, included five buildings located in close proximity to each other. However, in 1990, in the wake of economic transformation, Izmailovo Group of Companies was transformed into 4 autonomous legal entities, one of which was the Izmailovo Vega Hotel. Now the Izmailovo Vega hotel in terms of comfort in rooms is a leader among all twin Izmailovo hotels. Another advantage of the Izmailovo Vega hotel is the presence of a large number of restaurants, night clubs and conference rooms, relative to other Izmailovo hotels.

3. Golden Ring Hotel

The hotel is located in the very center of Moscow, a five-minute walk from the Smolenskaya metro station, surrounded by historical sights, major cultural sites, and large business centers. The Kremlin from the Golden Ring Hotel can be reached on foot in 20 minutes. The closed Golden Ring Club, located in the building of the Golden Ring Hotel on Smolenskaya Street, is the first and so far the only genuine gentleman’s club in Moscow in the classical sense. The entrance to the club to the random visitor is “ordered”, only regular members are welcome here. The only way to get a club card is the recommendation of one of the club members, whose names are the strictest secret.

4. Korston Hotel

The hotel is located in a picturesque green area on the high bank of the Moscow River near the center of Moscow. In the immediate vicinity of the Korston Hotel Moscow are adjacent the main building of Moscow State University, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Luzhniki Stadium. All rooms offer beautiful panoramic views of the indefatigable hero city. The nightclub in this hotel has 3 floors of entertainment, distributed according to the principle: the higher, the hotter. Entrance to each floor is paid separately, and the entrance to the 3rd floor is the most expensive. In addition, the club also has a bar, a sushi bar, a European restaurant, and a VIP Jacuzzi.

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