11 Unique Bars and Pubs in Moscow in Russia

I Like Wine 2.0There are many unique things that only exist in Russia, this includes their unique Bars and Pubs across Moscow. Away from the rich famous landmarks in red square, a new generation of Muscovites is driving a different kind of experience for night entertainment. Moscow among the best cities to visit for Russia nightlife.

Unique Bars And Pubs

As well as having picturesque spots that will make your Instagram followers jealous, plus a range of great free things to do, Moscow has reputation for its brilliant nightlife offerings. Here’s where you shouldn’t be missing out what to do in the Russian capital. Here are the 11 hip bars and pubs in Moscow.

1. Kamchatka

The name Kamchatka means ‘a sea of beer’ and that’s exactly what you will get in this place. The venues of restaurateur Arkady Novikov’s always have impressively forward-looking.  Beer Bar of Kamchatka has a Soviet beer house of the ’70s and ’80s interior on the first floor with its self-serve system.

If you want a taste of a Perestroika esque Russia, enjoy the drinks here in the pleasant stolovaya atmosphere. The cafeteria-style interior exudes a retro vibe of post-Soviet persona. Moreover, the simple menu of traditional Russian dishes goes down well with the very reasonably priced beers.

2. Fassbinder

The unique bar set in the space of a former textile factory at the Artplay Design Center. Fassbinder acts as a cinema bar and cafe which hosts music and film nights, plus art festivals. It is the only one of a kind in the city. Therefore, people come from all over to experience the unique and comfortable venue.

Since it opens its door within the ARTPLAY design center, the Fassbinder cinema bar has become a multi-genre institution in its own right. It remains one of the few bars in Moscow that offers customers an unusual experience in the merging of the cafe, bar, and movie concepts.

3. I Like Wine 2.0

This wine bar tries to be sociable and modern by taking “Like” in its logo with a Facebook-style thumbs-up sign. Moreover, it is part of a chain company including I Like Wine, I Like Grill and Beer & Brut. The person behind this idea is restaurateur Vladimir Perelman that is quite famous in Russia. I Like Wine 2.0 serves up five-star food under their corked ceiling, In addition, there are beds to lounge on in the window sills and colorful veranda.

The bar caters to all drinkers, however, is special serves wine fans best. The modest and cozy atmosphere of I Like Wine offers everything from a deep Point Noir to a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Besides their extensive menu of coffees and alcoholic beverages, the bar also offers tasty breakfasts all day long and filling lunches ranging from pizzas to spiced Buffalo wings. The place clearly accommodates on how Muscovites want to eat and drink in a friendly atmosphere with tight budgets.

4. Mendeleev

This place is among unique bars in Moscow with easy access via a little restaurant named Lucky Noodle. The bar has a strict face and age monitor to enter. Therefore, make sure you are at the right age and dress suits for nightlife. Mixologist here specializes in absinthe-based cocktails which people sip during the sounds of piano music and live jazz, or techno and deep house on weekends.

Despite hidden in a basement, Mendeleev is no longer a secret among Muscovites with a thirst for delicious cocktails. The bar is a vibrant place to relax and offers a wide selection of alcoholic that is sure to get your head spinning. On certain weeknights, jazz concerts and dancing events hosted here, that attracts a diverse crowd.

5. Enthusiast

This place looks like a spare parts shop for bicycles and motorcycles. Moreover, its colorful theme makes this eatery among the most unique bars in Moscow. The venue is a chilled out bar where customers lay back in beach chairs and enjoy the weather when it’s warm with drinks in their hand. The bar open day and night where customers can enjoy the sun and cold breeze at night. In addition, the colorful drinking venue also hosts regular dancing and film nights also serving ale on tap alongside big bites.

6. La Boule

There’s no better combination than drinks and games to enjoy your night in Moscow. Therefore, visitors come to La Boule for their love to the 12 petanque lanes. The bar is inside Gorky Park, one of the most popular parks you have to visit when in Russia. It opens day and night, and people flock the park for many outdoor activities.

The bar itself offers beverages alongside with live music on the veranda and people playing boules. Hanging out in the outdoor venue is a great pick to enjoy the weather in the warmer seasons.

7. Delicatessen

One of the World’s Top 50 Bars. Moreover, it is famous for its fruity liquor cabinet and artsy culinary. The reward starts with just being able to find the place, which includes looking out for a green door in a courtyard archway. You’ll be greeted with the words – “Thank you for finding us” – above the entrance door. The drinks and food have sweet friendly vibes suitable to accompany long conversations.

8. Chinese Pilot

This spacious cellar of Kitaysky Lyotchk Dzhao-Da (translated as The Chinese Pilot, Jao-Da), you know you are in for a special night. This venue manages to keep up its smoky and gritty reputation. This place is very affordable, attracts a younger group of musicians, artists and students that add the unpretentious atmosphere.

Predominantly a music venue, you can enjoy live performances most days of the week, from Afro Beats nights to underground Russian punk-rock gigs. Moreover, they have a wide range of Russian beers and wines, while tucking into a laid-back menu of typical Russian soups, salads and blinis.

9. Lumberjack

Another great unique bars and pubs in Moscow, it serves as an escape venue with a friendly bartender and endless flow of beers. This American-themed bar have staff with suspenders as they make whiskey cocktails in this laid-back and friendly establishment. Name badges and their scruffy appearances make this place a must go bars among hipsters in the city.

10. Strelka

Moscow delivers its A-game when faced with crowds. Strelka bar is among the most confident unique bars and pubs to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. It attracts a great crowd of students, designers and artists. The interior features art deco designs of the 70s with comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, the cocktail menu is crafted from fresh locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. In addition, not only is the view across the Moscow river breathtaking, but the diverse program of concerts and club nights makes the crowd keep coming back.

11. Blacksmith

Nothing says “Welcome to Ireland” less than green spotlights hanging from the ceiling. The green ambiance is the typical Irish pubs with a garish emerald hue filled the room. Blacksmith offers everything “Irish” from the interior, drinks, and food. 

Some places don’t need to be well-known to make it enjoyable. These groovy joints, venue, and crowd all have one thing in common to have fun. They may be tucked away in the lesser-known corners of the Russian capital or shines bright in down town street. Moscow serves as a home to some of the city’s best cocktails and vibes.

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