6 Russian Healthy Meals You Can Try For Losing Weight

grechkaRussia always has its interesting side to talk about. There are so many interesting sides to explore from this country. Start from its tradition, its culture, its cuisine, the nature beauty and many more. Russia also known for a lot of Russian supermodels with a beautiful body shape which show that this country should have very good diet routine or at least a healthy foods which support the diet program. Actually, it’s not only the Russian supermodel that has a perfect body shape, but also most of the Russian woman can keep their body slim and healthy.

As we know that many people also wanted to have a perfect body shape even its man or woman. So, they do anything they can in losing their weight. By those facts that Russian has an ideal body shape, we may want to know their diet meals.  Russia has a lot of cuisine with dairy products contains, however it also well known that the dairy products may good for losing weight. If you are in a diet program there are Russian healthy meals you can try for losing weight. Here are the foods to help you lose weight fast:

1. Kefir and Cottage Cheese

Almost all dairy product made in Russia especially kefir, Cottage cheese and sour milk known as the function in burning fat by boosts certain hormones in the body. This dairy product also has less glucose than the ordinary milks, so it has a good content for the diet programs. Moreover, Kefir and cottage cheese also contains of a high quality protein that functioning in accelerate the metabolism. It’s a routine that the Russian ladies drink nothing but kefir in a certain days in their way to lose couples of Kg. It also common to add some fresh vegetable and cucumber to this dairy product to consumes. It is sure that Kefir, Cottage cheese and sour cream are Russian foods to help you lose weight fast. Dairy products also consider as the healthiest staple foods of Russian cuisine, because it almost used in every dish in Russian Cuisine.

2. Grechka

Do you ever hear the name of Grechka? Grechka also known as the buckwheat porridge are the Russian foods to help you lose weight fast. This cuisine is the source of fiber and slow burning carbohydrates. Because it is contains of a slow burning carbohydrates so it will give you energy but it digest slowly so you will fill full longer than usual. That is why it s a very good source to keep you full in the day. The Russian usually steamed the grechka to preserve its nutrients. Because it function, grechka also known as the healthiest staple foods of Russian cuisine because almost all of the Russian consumes this dish.

You can add some salt and sugar to make this grechka taste better. However, you also may mix a cup of dry grechka with two cups if boiled water and leave it overnight in a covered pot to keep the heat. It’s found that consume 250 grams of grechka for a day will help you lose at least one kg of your weight. If you wanted to try this, you don’t need to worry because you can find the dry grechka in almost all stores in the Russia, especially the local store, because it always became the best shopping place in Russia.

3. Cucumbers

It is not a strange food right? Almost all countries have cucumbers and all the people around the world should know this kind of vegetable. If you usually eat this in the salad, you may try the Russian style. In Russia, they drink the cucumber water. It is believed that drinking the cucumber water will be give the good effect for the skin and will fills up your stomach without high carbohydrates consumptions.  Almost 95 % of the cucumber is water and the best part is that this vegetable contains no calories.

So it is perfect for losing your weight. Eating a 1,5 kg of light cucumber salad also help you to lose about a kg a day. Moreover, cucumbers are easy to find even in the best shopping place in Russia. So it’s time to consider change your heavy salad routine with light cucumber salad or cucumber water. And it is of course Russian food to help you lose weight fast. Even it is not a healthiest staple foods of Russian cuisine, it is still a healthy dish you can eat.

4. Cabbage

Next Russian food to help you lose weight fast is cabbage. We can find this food anywhere. There is an age – Old Russian food made from cabbage called sauerkraut. It is one of the lowest – calories contain food in Slavic cuisine. It’s contains only about 10 calories each 100 grams. Another fact is that fresh white cabbage rich in acids that prevents the carbohydrates turning in to fat. Cabbage can deliver about five kg weight loss just in a week. And also it’s easy to find, so you can eat cabbage anytime you feel hungry. Cabbage also became the best solution when you eat too much sweet, because it functions in preventing the carbohydrates in to fat.

5. Raspberries

This is the one of the most delicious diet food that is easy to find in the Russia. You can buy this fruits in all store in the Russia especially in the local store, because it is the best shopping place in Russia. This fruits has it sour and sweet taste. People love to eat this as snack. In Russia, it is a common daily routine to eat a bowl of raspberries before breakfast. Because raspberries are has function in aids the carbohydrates to be digests. So, raspberries are Russian foods too help you lose weight fast. It may could be considered as the healthiest foods of Russian cuisine since almost each person in Russia eat raspberries as their morning routine.

6. Horseradish

This food is the most important foods in the winter time in Russia. It was first consumed in the 16th century to keep the body not to sick in the winter. It usually goes well with fish – the Russian national foods. It helps in burning fats. So it will help you in lose your weight. This root is easy to find in the Russia, such as in local store which is the best shopping place in the Russia. It can say that horseradish is the healthiest foods of Russian cuisine.

Based on those explanations above, it can be concluded that almost all of the Russian Healthy meals you can try for losing weight are nature product, such as diary product and vegetables.

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