Here are 11 Chinese food delivery in Russia

kitayskaya gramotaChinese restaurants and Chinese food delivery service are opening up in Russia as a result of the warm China-Russia relations. The Russian dining scene is seeing a new trend as Chinese restaurants are mushrooming among popular restaurants among tourist in Moscow or another city like Saint Petersburg and other cities across the nation.

Chinese Food Delivery Service

Moreover, these Chinese food delivery are owned by Russians, but a growing number belong to foreign investors and some come from China. The growing trend also results to it is easier to obtain Asian ingredients compared to other foreign cuisines. Tourist visiting Russia will have no troble finding something to eat, even if they are not up to go out. There is some Chinese food delivery to choose from whenever you are feeling something different kind of food in Russia.

  1. Kitayskaya Gramota

This new Asian restaurant just opens in 2014 but already gain an instant hit thanks to its authentic Cantonese menu. The restaurant serves fusion dishes and presents Cantonese cuisine as it is, without modifications. The Chinese atmosphere is very strong in their restaurants. There is friendly English speaking staff in Mao’s soldiers. This place is a great start to try outstanding Cantonese fare in an atmosphere of the Opium War’s decadence.

The Chinese magic happens here, where simple ingredient such as hog paw to octopus to simple milk that turns into a mouth-watering delicacy. Their delivery service also enhances their services to a customer who is not feeling on going to the restaurant and prefer to stay indoors.

  1. China Club

This Chinese restaurant downtown Moscow near the Mayakovskaya metro stations serves great Chinese food and food delivery service. The restaurant has an elegant Chinese interior with modern tendencies with plenty of objects related to Chinese cultures. You can see Chinese bureaus, fans, candlesticks shaped as plates, chairs upholstered with Chinese fabric in the restaurant. If you are merely enjoying their menu, just have a delivery take them to your house. The menu of the restaurant includes shrimps, mutton with pepper and ginger sauce, rice rolls, traditional Peking duck, Chinese soups and many more served in European style.

  1. Golden Dragon

The restaurant has a classic Chinese ambiance and specializes in Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Among their popular offers are meat cold cuts, sea eel in sweet and sour sauce, fish filet with mushrooms. Moreover, it provides vegetarian and fast menus. This place is among the late night restaurant in Moscow that provides live music – chanson and author’s songs.

  1. China Town

The China Town Restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisines with a reliable food delivery service. You can easily find halal food that every Muslim should know, and getting shin Chinese is even easier.  The guests are offered numerous vegetable snacks, seven types of soups, great choice of hot dishes and desserts.

The wine list of China Town offers sake as well as French, Italian and Latin American wines. With the many offers, you think they will stop there. However, they have another service to offer, Chinese food delivery for the relaxes people who are not feeling like going out or making noise at night.

  1. Dzhonka

The Dzhonka Restaurant in Moscow is among the first Chinese restaurants in Moscow. The walls have Chinese decoration with Indian ink drawings, masks, and fans. The menu includes Peking duck, special “Junk” salad, beef, Chinese ravioli, Chinese egg-plants, exotic dishes made of jellyfish, and scorpions.

  1. Dim Sum

This typical Chinese dish is also the name of a popular restaurant n Russia. Their specialty cheese ravioli is a light and delicate food with various nuances and smells. The restaurant remarcable for plenty of seafood and vegetables as well as lightness and moderate dishes. In “Dim-Sum” they stick to the principle of rational adupting Chinese cuisine to Russian conditions. If you are not going to hit the restaurant for some Chinese ambiance then just order a food delivery. It is a great way to enjoy big with no walk needed.

  1. Pekinskaya Utka (Peking Duck)

If you are walking around the famous tourist attraction in the city downtown in Tverskaya street, you will likely run into this restaurant. The food is tasty with a touch of Szechuan. In fact, this restaurant includes an inexpensive restaurant in Russia.

The interior of this duck-place is a mixture of the traditional Chinese and modern European style. It highlights their small lamps and straw at the floor, candles at them, and a fireplace. The main feature of the restaurant is to reconstitute old recipes and forms of Chinese cuisine in one dish in particular. In addition, take advantage of their delivery service that makes eating little bit easier.

  1. Madame Wong

This classy Hong Kong restaurant is famous among foreign tourist and locals. It proudly presents Cantonese cuisine while also flirting with Japan. The menu includes dim sum, the classic crispy duck and unusual items, such as Hainan black curry.

  1. Druzhba

Druzhba earns high marks for spicy food. Chinese restaurants in Moscow are famous for turning down their seasoning to appeal to Russian taste buds. Druzhba motto is less everything, less strong, less spicy, less bitter to convenient to foreign stomach. Therefore, if you are feeling of some Chinese food just take their takeaway food delivery and just wait at home.

  1. Turandot Restaurant

This place has magical vibes with musicians costumed in wigs and gowns play chamber music while the guest is eating. Turandot is a name for a Puccini opera set in old Peking. Therefore, you can tell that this restaurant offers a high-end cuisine of Chinese in the Russian area. The restaurant adopts a modest Russian classical architectural fuse with authentic Chinese cuisines. Nevertheless, they also provide food delivery service for the picky eater in the city.

  1. Rostov On Do

Another Chinese food service for busy people longs for some authentic food. The owner plays a bunch of music videos of Russian pop stars prancing and cavorting inside. Their Asian touch of food also gives food delivery another option to choose from.

While commonplace in the likes of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, still find Chinese food delivery “strange and unusual” to Russians. It is slowly but surely changing. It is just another version of food delivery that enriches food choices in Russia. Restaurant owners oftentimes hire a Chinese chef to ensure the authentic taste of the food they offered. Therefore much Chinese food delivery needs to obtain a work permit, which raises the overall cost of the restaurant’s operations.

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