11 Coolest Cocktail Bars in Russia You Should Know

saxon and paroleIf you are a true cocktail bars enthusiast who loves to explore the best bars in town, then pay attention. There are tons of bars in Moscow, where you can find everything from cozy beer bars, delicious gin, cider, wine, champagne bars to exclusive cocktail bars. There are many cities in Russia with an exciting nightlife that attract not just tourist but also locals.

Coolest Cocktail Bars

There is something exciting about finding out bars around the world. There is something enjoyable when you manage to find secret bars that often hidden in the basement or small alley with only a face monitor that stands in a way. You need to dress up for a Russian nightlife up to par just to get in. Therefore, it adds up more exciting and exclusive when you have to challenge yourself to find the place. Let’s look at some of the most exclusive, coolest cocktail bars in Russia.

1. Santo Spirito

This cool cocktail bar offers a unique mysteriousness enhanced by its enormous red velvet curtains.  The interior with wall mirrors and the small-screen video art projections played on a loop create hype ambiance. The venue is best-kept secrets and exclusive that host just 20 people at a time, meaning you should book in advance. However, once you’re in, the bartenders will take good care of you and make you drinks that suit your own tastes better than you do.

2. Saxon & Parole

The Russia famous bar is among the coolest cocktail bars in the city which depict Manhattan original. This venue offers American drinks and western dining in the north-west part of Moscow. The American country club vibe and racehorse theme filled the room. Moreover, the menu features exotic tinctures and shrubs alongside the famous draft Manhattan. Their light and a wide variety of cocktails will help you while away the hours between brunch and dinner.

3. Voda

Some people say that this place is among the hardest cocktail bars to discover. This colorful, elegant watering hole is as positively pure as its name which means water in Russian. Moreover, it would suggest an alluring milky pink-and-white brick theme which can be pretty trippy at first glance.

The interior when paired with the many luminous bottles stacked up behind the bar create an amazing view. In addition, you also need to check out the bar’s second floor, with wooden walls to make it a more homely experience in cocktail sipping. The bar’s main focus is to make cocktails made with extremely rare syrups and liquors.

4. Mendeleev

Although technically Mendeleev is hardly a secret cocktail bar for anyone who knows Moscow well. That doesn’t make the experience any less authentic, the bar situated at the back of the shabby-looking Lucky Noodle takeaway.

5. Golova

The only downside to Golova and anywhere in Moscow, to be fair. Is the ruthlessly stylish dress code policy which is more strict compared to the easy street style of Moscow in general.

6. Chainaya. Tea & Cocktails

This former teahouse offers a distinct Chinese tea-inspired flavor for any customers. Therefore, it offers a great mixture of Shanghai bars themed imperial décor and bona fide tucker. It is intimate, exclusive, and harmoniously tranquil, which is exactly the kind of off-the-beaten-path gem which Moscow does best.

6. Russian taste

The bar is located at the Ruski restaurant in the skyscraper OKO in downtown Moscow. Therefore, you can easily take a sip of great wide range selection cocktails made with Russian liqueurs. An old Russian recipe book has inspired the resident bartender who is friendly and even gives you some cocktails tips such as telling the difference between cloudberry and Arctic raspberry.

Their signature cocktail is the Borodinsky cocktail which includes rye polugar, campari and bread-black currant cordial. Another famous cocktail is Isaev, a mixture of condensed birch juice, vodka and lemon pee.

7. Treasures of Russia

At the Twins Garden bars, there are two chefs Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky, who call their cocktail menu, “Treasures of Russia.” Their huge drinks list covers all Russian geography. Among the most famous of them all is Tzar of the Taiga, a mixture with cedar milk, gingerbread syrup whipped with vodka, ginger and lemon. Another signature drink is Shiveluch, or Kamchatka, a name taken from an active volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula. This cocktail gives a volcanic eruption feels in your mouth. It has the best ingredient of peat, as well as corn distillate.

8. Goryncych

This peculiar name goes back in history and describes Real Russian men passion for fishing and zalivnoe – fish in jelly. In this venue, you can try the cocktail Only you, which was inspired by this traditional Russian dish. Ingredients include best drinks such as cognac, dry vermouth, Benedictine, Cointreau and caraway liquor. Therefore, this cocktails bar offers great drinks with a strong Russing vibe.

If you can make it past the strict ‘face control’ these cool cocktail bars is like something coming out from movies. They are very secretive and appealing as you try to enter, Moscow has a fascinating bar scene featuring some contenders battling for, and achieving, recognition on the global stage. Going through bars and pubs is a unique Russian thing that anyone should try. Russians still look to their cocktail bars to be ‘destinations’ in their own right so plenty of this top bars offer some top-notch food in a surprising variety of styles.

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