Unique Russian Gifts To Bring For Your Kids

slavic rag dollSo far, matryoshka dolls have always been a gift from Russia. This souvenir is in the form of oval shaped wooden dolls of various sizes that keep shrinking. So that they can be stacked inside. Besides matryoshka, here are some other souvenirs typical of Russia.

1. Matryoshka doll

Matryoshka is available in various sizes from medium to large. The price also varies depending on the size of the doll ordered or purchased. On the market, the average Matryoshka doll is sold at 395 rubles. Prices can be more expensive influenced by the ingredients, color, and complexity of the Matryoska image.

In addition to the cartoon drawings that children like, there are also pictures of famous political figures, usually these images will appear crowded in the political year. The faces that have been used as Matryoshka doll models are Donald Trump, there are also Soekarno, and others.

2. Fur Hat or Fur Scarf

In general, tourists want a fur hat as a souvenir because it can be used as a wall decoration when they get home later. Fur caps are sold starting at 4 thousand rubles. One thing you need to know when buying souvenirs in Russia, do not hesitate to bid for the items you want. If you offer it, you might get a discount of 20-30 percent. In addition to fur hats, the other recommend fashion complementary items such as fur scarves or wool scarf. Both of these shawls were hunted by many tourists who came to Russia.

3. Souvenirs such as key chains and refrigerator attachments

Many shopping centers offer souvenirs such as key chains and refrigerator attachments in the form of city landmarks and others. Small souvenirs like this that you can share with neighbors, close friends, or be used as key chains and attach the refrigerator to yourself at home. These small objects will remind you of good memories while traveling to Russia.

In addition, carrying a key ring and refrigerator attachment is much safer and very easy to put in a suitcase. Its also not subject to customs tax. The price of souvenirs in the form of key chains and refrigerator attachments is very affordable. The amount you can get in a single purchase can be 10 pieces in one paks, so you buy the souvenir in large quantities at low prices. The average key chain is sold at USD 1-10. The price of the key chain and refrigerator attachment depends on the type, size and material of the maker. Make sure you buy the best, so that souvenirs that can be one of these mementos can last a long time.

4. T-shirts with Russian characters

There is also a typical Russian shirts with pictures of Russian figures. The price of the shirt varies, some are priced at USD 10 per shirt. If you buy a shirt on the market, you don’t necessarily receive a debit or credit card so prepare cash. However, there are also stores located in the Arbat market, located on Jalan Arbat providing transactions with credit cards and receiving US Dollar. So you don’t have to worry about not bringing local money. If you have dollars, many accept dollars as a transaction tool.

5. Faberge

Faberge is an egg-shaped craft. This unique souvenir comes from Russia which was created by Peter Carl Faberge in the 1880s. At first Faberge was made only for the Tsar family. However, along with the development of modern times Faberge became ceramics, gold displays and jewelry stores.

Faberge is now offered in various sizes which are usually made using ceramic materials. The ceramic egg can be opened and inside it can be used to store valuable trinkets. The addition of Faberge decorations also affects the selling value. The price is also quite varied ranging from just twenty thousands to millions of rupiah. The better the quality of materials and decorations, the more expensive it will cost.

6. Cheburashka

This is a classic iconic Russian cartoon character who later became a popular character on Russian jokes (along with his friend, Gaya Crocodile). According to the character creator, Eduard Uspensky (1965), Cheburashka is an “animal unknown to science”, with ears like large monkeys and bodies that resemble a child, living in tropical forests. He accidentally entered the orange chest, ate full, and fell asleep. The crate was finally sent to a grocery store in an unnamed Russian city (hinting to become Moscow), where the rest of the main story was revealed.

The confused shop manager finds the creature in the chest when he opens it, and takes it out and sits him on the table. The creature’s claws were numb after staying in the chest for so long, and he fell (“чебурахнулся” cheburakhnulsya, a daily utterance of Russian means “to fall”) from the table, to the chair, and then to the floor. This inspired the shop manager to call the name of the little creature “Cheburashka”. Words with this root are ancient in Russian; Uspensky gives them a chance to live.

7. Telnyashka

Telnyashka is a souvenir that you deserve to buy if you visit Russia as a souvenir. This object functions for everyday clothing and cotton. The meaning of this clothing is courage, heroism, strength, endurance, tenacity, male bond and love of life. The founder of Telnyashka is Grand Duke Konstatin Nikolaevich. This outfit is fashionable because it has white stripes. This clothing was originally a military service in Russia.

8. Russian costume doll


Russian costume dolls are shaped like barbie dolls but made of fabric, foam, beads, lace, fanel, and many more. These mini dolls are given various types of costumes. Usually doll costumes are costumes of nobles and Russian residents in ancient times. This Russian costume doll is very sweet for children’s gifts when you return to your country.

9. Valenki and Tabani

This pair of typical Russian boots and socks can also be an interesting souvenir. Valenki is a boot made of fine fur and used in winter, and is usually worn by small children. Just like valenki, tabani socks are also used to hold the cold in Russia. The material is high quality and hand-knit with beautiful motifs by the grandmothers of Udmurtia.

10. Susha and Dymkovo

This children’s toy has been the pride of contemporary Russian design for several years. Susha is made from wood with minimalist nuances from the 1920s. While dymkovo, also known as vyatka, is printed from clay. Typical Kirov souvenirs that become one of the oldest aspects of Russian crafts can usually be in the form of human figures or animals with bright colors typical of the Red Bear Country.

Those are some Unique Russian Gifts To Bring For Your Kids. You can visit Russia in any season. In addition to getting a variety of unique souvenirs, you can enjoy a variety of Russian food in winter. Of course if you visit Russia in the winter. Don’t forget to bring winter travel equipment in Russia because this country has extreme weather. If you don’t want to experience a severe Russian cold, you can visit Russia in the summer. In the summer, Russians do something that can only be done during the summer. For example holding a summer festival, sunbathing, and so on. They also have different wear for summertime. So you can follow what they wear and get ready to packing your travel pack summer holiday.

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