9 Best and Popular Cinema Theater in St. Petersburg

north straub parkSt. Petersburg is the famous tourist attraction in Russia. A lot of entertainment is available here, since it is well known for the historical places, it has numerous opera theaters, museums, cultural center, exhibition, ballet performance etc.  Besides cultural entertainment, a lot of cinemas with a wide range of modern and old movies collection are available in the city. Here are the lists of 9 best and popular cinema theater in St. Petersburg:

1. Cobb Theater (Tyrone Boulevard)

Located in the Tyrone Luxury 10, St. Petersburg, Cobb theatre offers a great experience of seeing a movie. Local and international visitors like to watch a movie here, since the services and the facilities are very satisfying.

Offering a different service, Cobb theater is completed with a fine café and bistro where you can order a pizza, burger and wings. The snacks you can ordered also varying; popcorn, fries, and nachos.  And for the drinks, you can have a tea, mineral water, and even liquor.

For the interior and seating, Cobb has a wide screen in an artistic rooms which you can see the whole movie in good resolution. The seating is a plus point of Cobb theater, because it has wide seat which is comfortable and has a reclining system which is very amazing.

2. North Straub Park (North Downtown)

Located in north downtown of St, Petersburg, this park offers a wide entertainment for your family recreation. Having some classic statues, nice side walking area  and a great movie theater playing both independent movies and latest blockbuster, Straub park is a complete recreational place suitable for all your family members.

The cinema itself offers a movie at the open air, which can be enjoyed around May or October during those summer months. And it is free of charge; all you have to do is sit comfy and enjoy the movie displayed on a screen in a windy park. What a perfect way to spend your holiday.

3. AMC Sundial St. Pete (North Downtown)

This cinema where is located at 2nd avenue north St. Petersburg, belongs to the best cinema in the town. Its location is surrounded by many good restaurants, along with beautiful scenery which makes it so popular among the Russian people.

The cinema offers nice classy decoration with comfortable seating. And for your information, you can get only $5 for any movies including new release movie on every Tuesday. Nice deals, right?

4. Angleterre Cinema Lounge (Malaya Morskaya)

Located at the ground floor of Angleterre hotel – right in the heart of St. Petersburg, this cinema is another popular cinema in the city. It is a perfect place for you who wants to get the refreshment after walking around because the theatre offers best movies selection in their original language, for local people the Russian subtitle is available.

But remember that this is actually not specific cinema as other; so it only play movie and there is no popcorn, drinks, etc so be prepared and  bring your own.

5. Cinema Grand Palace (Italyanskaya Street)

Cinema Grand palace is located in the heart of St. Petersburg. exactly at the 4th floor of Grand Palace modern mall. This should be on your list, because here you will find luxurious cinema halls with the comfortable chairs along with the latest cinema equipment.  In addition, you can shop many luxurious branded stores in this mall.

And for foreigner, you must remember this cinema only plays movie in Russian language. If you are fluent in Russian or you want to improve your language then it is not a big problem.

6. Dom Kino Cinema (Karavannaya Street)

Dom Kino cinema which is located at Karavannaya Street is one of the oldest cinemas built in 1914. It is a place where the cinematography of St. Petersburg is shown. The movie collection is complete, from Soviet movies until the recent art movies. Various short films festivals, animation festivals, silent movies and live performance are often presented in the Dom Kino cinema. That’s why the place is suitable for you who like both combination of cultural Soviet building and the art movies in a epic way.

About the facilities, the cinema has comfortable seating, fantastic stage, in-house restaurant with best serving, a library where you can find movie collections. And the last important thing is the Wi-Fi network available on the entire 4th floor.

7. Rodina cinema (Ulitsa karavannaya Street)

Along with Dom Kino cinema, Rodina also belong to one of the oldest cinema in St. Petersburg. Having the same complex location, this cinema also have similar characteristic of Soviet building.

Rodina is famous with the best and variety of movies shown, from blockbusters movie, children cartoon movies to alternative movies genre also anime movies. Besides, there is also an interesting monthly program named Silent movie plus Live Music, a program in which silent movies are accompanied by music performance from St. Petersburg famous musician. Trust me, you will love the atmosphere, the building, architecture and more.

8. Avrora Cinema (Nevsky prospect)

The place located in the Nevsky prospect 60 is a stunning authentic old fashioned style of building in the town. It was opened in 1913, as formerly known as Pikadilly cinema until 1932.

Being one of the oldest, this cinema theater is still popular until now. Since there are lots of change, including re-installment of a new Dolby digital sound system as well as a new large screen and of course the cool interior of the theater room.

The historical cinema provides you with modern movies, world best movie premieres also other multi-functions place as for holding concerts, meets and greets, theater and opera performances

9. Karo Film Cinemas (Yakornaya Street)

This cinema is located on Okhta Mall, Yakornaya street 5.  Having 9 cinema halls, it is up to 1037 seating capacity. It is equipped with comfortable chairs and also gaming zone, restaurant, cafe and bars.

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