6 Best Spots to Have Breakfast in Moscow

stolovaya 57People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is true because breakfast provides nutrition to get you to start your activity for the day. It is easy to forget having a breakfast when you visiting Russia, especially Moscow. The city has many breathtaking places guaranteed making you forget to eat!

Still, why not trying to find out some places in Moscow to have breakfast? Moscow is filled with plenty of chic restaurants for tourists to even just hang out. Imagine having a breakfast with a sight of Red Square to marvel at. that would be a nice experience for everyone visiting the city.

Here we curate you 6 best spots to have breakfast in Moscow. The list comes with useful information about their price range too, so you can also prepare your budget. Check out some budget places in Moscow to eat. Also, you can use travel and tour service to help plan your visit to Russia.

1. Breakfast cafe

Breakfast Cafe’s warm interior making it a cozy place to have a breakfast on some mornings. The restaurant has an open pantry table surrounded by smaller tables that make you feel right at home. Satisfied customers praise the wide range choices on the menu, which includes a simple egg omelet to a more complicated and nicely presented heavier breakfast.

Breakfast cafe has a nice staff ready to take your order. The details of the interior will make you comfortable, with sofa and warm blanket at the back. The restaurant is also a good spot to have a free wifi. Order a cake and coffee to spend some time here after breakfast.

Address: Malaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa, 2/1 стр. 1, Moscow, Russia
Opening hours: Every day at 8AM–11PM
Price range: Medium

2. Stolovaya 57

Stolovaya 57 is a convenient spot to have breakfast in Moscow due to its close proximity to Red Square. The restaurant is located inside the GUM Department store, just across the Red Square itself. It has a cafeteria style so expect some queueing when ordering a food. But it will worth it since the menu choice here will not disappoint.

Stolovaya 57 is an affordable place to eat and it’s also a favorite among Russian. It is where you want to try a classic Russian breakfast. The tables will remind visitors of a typical table in a Russian home, with a knitted tablecloth covering them. The staffs speak little English, but it’s easy to make an order here since the ordering system here is pretty straightforward.

Address: GUM, Red Square, 3, Moscow, Russia, 109012
Opening hours: Everyday at 10AM–10PM
Price range: Budget

3. Cook’kareku

Interesting fact, Cook’kareku is how Russian say cook-a doodle do – the way a rooster waking up people in the morning. There’s nothing more fitting than for a name of a breakfast place. The place has a great ambiance with a beautiful interior, good music, and helpful staff. You can choose an indoor or outdoor table. Cook’kareku is definitely one of the 6 best spots to have breakfast in Moscow

Cook’kareku is one of the Muscovites favorites. The restaurant serves a great variety of breakfast with from many countries all around the world. They have a discount whenever you order according to breakfast time in your country. The restaurant is open for 24 hours, making it convenient for not just breakfast.

Address: Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Ulitsa, 9, стр. 4, Moskva, Russia, 123001
Opening hours: 24 hours seven days of the week!
Price range: Medium

4. Food Market 21

Food Market 21 opens at midday. It’s perfect for some late breakfast. Here you can find a wide selection of food stalls offering all kind of food. The prices also vary too, so you can pick according to your budget. Mostly the prices are affordable. And the food court layout of this place making it comfortable and cozy to eat. Customers order with self-service style since there’s no waiter here.

Food Market 21 is a place where you need to visit more than once to taste all the food. Prepare to be confused by the food choices here. You can pick a seafood menu for a start, with a tuna dish or sushi. For dessert, order a tasty ice cream at one of the beverage stands. For a healthy breakfast, there’s a famous juice stand at Food Market 21.

Address: New Arbat Ave, 21, Moskva, Russia, 119019
Opening hours: 12PM–12AM on weekdays, 12PM–1AM on the weekend
Price range: Budget to medium

5. O2 Lounge

O2 Lounge is located at the rooftop of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The rooftop view is amazing, offering the best views on the Kremlin and the Red Square. The price is a bit steep though, but it’s worth it with the ambiance you will get. This upscale restaurant also offers wide selections of cocktail to accompany your meal.

O2 Lounge opens until past midnight. The view of the Kremlin from this restaurant is beautiful at night, along with the surrounding Moscow area. It’s a perfect spot for an unforgettable dining experience in Moscow. You can also do a vodka tasting here.

Address: 3 Tverskaya street, The Ritz-Carlton, 12th floor. Okhotny Ryad metro station.
Opening hours: 12PM–2AM daily
Price range: High

6. Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago

Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago is also Muscovites favorite. Their regal interior making it an elegant place to eat. Everything is dominated with red and cream, a beautiful combination of color that radiates elegance and good taste. Food choices are numerous, from Russian authentic to a more international selection.

Staff is friendly and helpful. This restaurant is also a good place if you want to try Russian vodka. Since the restaurant is very popular, you should book in advance to get a table here. Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago has a close proximity to the Red Square. It’s a perfect stop after your visit to Russia famous landmark.

Address: Mokhovaya St, 15/1, Moskva, Russia.
Opening hours: 24 hours every day, booking in advance is advisable
Price range: High

So that is the 6 best spots to have breakfast in Moscow. Enjoy trying out each one of them if you have time. The experience well worth it, and your belly would not protest anyway. For other restaurants, read about popular restaurant tourists love to go while visiting Moscow.

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