6 Reasons Why The Russian Language Easier Than You Think

Most people often think of Russian as a difficult language to learn. There are main reason for people avoid Russian. Many people stop learning Russian in the middle. They think the alphapet is difficult to memorize. Its elaborate grammar and other reason. Is it true that Russian is difficult? What are the difficulties found when learning Russian? There are some reason why the Russian Language easier than you think.

Have you listening Russian? If you like to watch Marsha and The Bear, they are uses Russian language. Actually, there are many TV Shows from Russia. Some great cartoon from Russia are Marsha and The Bear, Smeshariki, and Belka Strelka. Maybe Russian language seems weird to listen. But if you listening carefully, Russian is beautiful language. They have unique pronountation. Also the intonation is different.

6 Reasons Why The Russian Language Easier Than You Think

Did you think that you want to know Russian language. Please read  Benefits Learn Russian for your feed. There are so many benefits if we learn russian language. Russian is hard, but not that hard. It’s not fair if we just look at the difficulties of a language without see the easy side too. Here are the conveniences found when you learn Russian compared to learning another foreign language.

  • Alphabet : Similar but Not

The first time studying the Russian alphabet, it may seem difficult. But it is not as difficult as the hijaiyah letters in Arabic. Arabis so different from Latin, same as Chinese. Compared with the two alphabets, Russian alphabet is look like with the Latin alphabet, although it sounds different. When you first studied the Russian alphabet, you probably will see it like a code that replaced the sound of other letters. For example P-R, C-S, H-N (meaning P read R, C read S, H read N). Studying this alphabet is interesting because it feels nostalgic with a small time used to learn the code in Scout activities.

  • The symbol of the Mathphys Unit and the Russian Alphabet

The alphabet is also similar to the unit symbol in mathematics and physics. For example the symbol “π” (pi) is similar to the Russian letters “п”. Its reads / p /, or the “y” (upsilon) symbol similar to the Russian “у” which reads / u /. So that often use the symbols in the lesson will more easily memorize the sound of the Russian alphabet. So that’s the reason why Russian Language easier than you think.

  • Handwriting or Grass Code?

Some people say that Russian alphabet handwriting that resembles a grass code. Thats connects with each other and is somewhat different from the printed text. Its makes more difficult to learn. Maybe the first time studying handwriting will be difficult. But actually this type of handwriting can facilitate us in writing because our hands can move faster.

  • No Shape “to be”

In Russian there is no form to be, especially in the present tense. Instead, there is a form of the word “быть” that is conjugated to a past tense and a word to come. But this is not as complicated as English or other European languages ​​are strong in the use of the system to be. As in Indonesian, in Russian there is also no article system. Sort of the, a, an in English or le, la, les in French. In Indonesian language is usually used the word “a”. But in practice, we also do not often use such articles. In some ways, Russian is easier to learn than any other language.

  • Easily Determine Gender Nouns

Unlike European language, one must guess first whether a noun is masculine, feminine or neutral. In Russian, we can generally guess the gender of a noun right from the end of the noun. Nouns that end in consonant and suffix “й” must be masculine. While ending in or “я” generally are feminine and “o” and “e” are generally neutral. Although not all can be guessed, because there are few exceptions.

  • Questions and Statements

The Russian question form is the same as the statement. It is only necessary to distinguish the intonation alone, whether he declares anything to ask. For example: “это твой друг” – that’s your friend. compare with “это твой друг?” – (is) that your friend?

  • Only Three Types of Tenses

In addition, Russian has only three types of “kala” or tense (present, past, and future) – much less than most European languages ​​(there are at least 12 kinds of tense in English).

So believes that Russian is no less difficult than English to learn. According to it, one just needs to get used to the language. If foreigners start learning Russian from an early age, just like learning English, they will not find it difficult. Mandarin and Arabic are even more difficult than Russian. Russian language easier than you think. Read also Learn Russian at an Early Age

In Russia, almost all the gruesome ‘gruesome’ ends at А2 Level. Once you’ve reached that level, you just really can freely use and enjoy the beautiful Russian language. See also The Amazing Russian Culture

So, is the Russian language difficult? The answer can be friends know after trying to learn it. All foreign languages ​​may be difficult to learn. Especially if you have not had many other foreign language learning experiences. But, believe me, if there is already an interest, even a love of Russia, that’s what becomes our energy to continue learning Russian. There are many ways to learn Russian free. Read this : Best Way Learn Russian for Free and How to Learn Russian by Online Free

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