What Russian kids give to their mom during International mother’s day

When the Mother’s Day celebration arrives, surely we want to give something to our mother, right? What kind of gift do you give to your mother?

Can kids give gifts to their mothers on Mother’s Day? Of course they can! Then, what kind of gift can kids give to their mothers during Mother’s Day?

What about children in Russia? Do they also give Mother’s Day gifts to their mothers?

Among the many types of gifts that can be given, what kind of gifts are given by Russian kids for Mother’s Day?

Celebrating mother’s day can be done by anyone. Many things can be done to make their mothers happy on Mother’s Day in Russia. Even Russian kids have their own ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and make their mothers happy. One way to do this is by giving a gift to their mothers.

Give a gift to their mothers be the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day in Russia because the children could not do anything about Mother’s Day celebration. Maybe a lot of people are still wondering about Russian kids gifts for Mother’s Day. Are the Mother’s Day gifts that Russian kids give to their mothers the same as those given by children in other countries? Or any other question you might think.

In this article I will discuss about the kind of a gift that Russian kids give for their mother on Mother’s Day.


Mothers in Russia will receive gifts from family and friends during Mother’s Day. Many also receive gift cards as their Mother’s Day gift. The gift is given by their child. Kids at school have a Mother’s Day celebration by making greeting card artwork that they make themselves. Then the finished card will be given to their mother at home. Some are asking for help on other family members to make a Mother’s Day greeting cards on their own.

Making handmade cards can train the creativity of the child. Kids can also develop their expressions through the pictures and words in the greeting cards they make. Making a Happy Mother’s Day greeting card is considered an easy way for kids when they want to give Mother’s Day gifts to their mothers. Making greeting cards can be done by kids at all ages.


For teenagers, some of them choose to make their own chocolate as a Mother’s Day gift. The chocolate they make themselves is usually heart shaped. Making your own handmade chocolate can train their creativity. Kids in Russia will be free to do anything to decorate the chocolate that they will make gifts for their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Kids who are not yet teenagers, it can also make their own chocolate. However, when making handmade chocolates themselves, they usually still need help from their parents or their other families. Making your own handmade chocolate which is then given to their mothers on Mother’s Day, will make their mothers feel happy. Chocolate made can be enjoyed by the whole family.


One other item from a gift that Russian kids can make for their mother on Mother’s Day is making poetry or poem. Indeed making poems or poetry is sometimes difficult for some children. However, sometimes because of the innocence of poetry written by the kids, it can make someone who reads it feel touched. Especially their own mother.

Poems or poetries made by kids usually contain greetings from Mother’s Day and their gratitude to their mother.


The other most common way that children can do on Mother’s Day in Russia is to give their mothers flowers as gifts. Although flowers are usually given by the children have smaller numbers, but of course it is able to make their mothers happy. Flowers are given as a Mother’s Day gift is flowers of spring, or it could also rose. Giving a flower gift can also be given with a “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting card.

To buy their mothers flowers as Mother’s Day gifts, the kids set aside some of their pocket money for saving. And then ask for help from other family members to buy them flowers using their savings. Teenagers can also collect their money and then buy their own flowers that their mothers like.


Another way that is also common when Mother’s Day arrives is to help with the household duties that their mother usually do. Household activities that can be helped by Russian kids include cleaning their own rooms, helping their mothers cook in the kitchen, helping their mothers clean the house, helping to wash dishes or clothes. When doing household activities with joy, the activities will be fun and does not feel heavy to do together. Teenagers can also take over some household duties for them to do on their own without having to be helped by their mother.

When helping their mothers cook in the kitchen, besides their mothers who feel happy, of course they themselves also feel happy when they see other family members enjoying tasty food cooked together with their mother.

There may still be many more types of gifts that Russian kids can give to their mothers on Mother’s Day other than those mentioned. What needs to be remembered, giving a gift must also be based on the kids’s ability. Even their small gift can have deep meaning for their mother. Doing things that they enjoy will make them not feel burdened by what they do. Of course they will also feel happy to be able to give Mother’s Day gifts to their mothers.

I hope this article can really help you to know about the Russian Kids gift for their mother on Mother’s Day. Which gift is your choice?

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