9 traditions of how to celebrate birthday party in russia

9 traditions of birthday in russiaEveryone must have celebrated a birthday. Birthday celebrations in various countries in the world can not be separated from the culture of the country. So in this world there are a variety of traditions related to birthday celebrations. It is also experienced by the Russian state. This re-celebration as a marker of gratitude for the given time of healthy living and hope for the best in the next year.

Birthday celebration of someone who usually as a sign of gratitude or thanks to god for all the ease, safety and health. This celebration is usually celebrated both simple and luxurious. But for the rich, the birthday celebration must be luxurious. Especially for developed countries where the majority of the population has a high established economy or the rich.

One example of the country is Russia. For Russians birthday celebrations have a variety of ways or traditions. This article will discuss 9 traditions of how to celebrate birthday party in russia. Besides this article, other articles that will help you with your relationship in birthday party are Effective Ways to Greet Russian WomenEffective Steps of How to Date Russian WomenFlower Gifting Etiquette in Russia, and Culture of Valentine’s Day in Russia.

Birthday celebration gift can be anything according to the wishes of people who are birthday. But usually this birthday present into a tradition or custom in every birthday celebration. Here are 9 traditions of how to celebrate birthday party in russia, as below.

  • Crush the cake

The tradition of destroying the cake is known as the smash cake. A tradition that is often done when the children of Russia celebrate his birthday. In addition to children, adolescents and even adults also often do this tradition. This is due to the majority of Russian people are very fond of the party and the atmosphere is crowded and excited.

  • Pulling ears

In addition to Russia, this tradition is also experienced in the Hungarian country. In general, children in Russia are celebrating their birthdays with an interesting game of telingga. The activity is believed to bring blessing and longevity for the child’s birthday. The activity is accompanied by a song to cheer up.

  • Apply butter to the nose

One of the unique traditions for the Russian who celebrated his birthday is to butter into the lives of people who are birthday. The tradition in Russia is believed to be able to keep the child’s birthday from all the ugliness and bad luck in the future. Read too most hated things for russian people.

  • Make a cake and blow out a candle

In addition to the above tradition, there is also a tradition of making cakes and blowing candles. This tradition is almost the same done by the Indonesian people in the birthday. Where the candle is sown on the cake that has been made and then the candle is lit. The guests clapped happily while singing a birthday song, then the birthday boy blew out the candle. Before blowing out the candle the boy had to pray what he wanted next year. It is believed the prayer of birthday celebration becomes a powerful prayer.

  • Sweeping the road at the age of 30

In most European countries including Russia, the age of a man who is 30 years old and still single will be a frightening specter on his birthday. This birthday celebration will be celebrated by sweeping the streets and accompanied by his friends throwing trash on the streets. This condition is expected to be the center of public attention to attract the attention of the women and show the man is still single at the age of 30 years.

  • The bumps

This tradition is to celebrate birthdays by swinging people who are birthday by friends – friends. Where the number of swings depends on the age of the birthday, such as people who celebrate the 30th anniversary of the year, then by friends – friends, people who birth anniversary will be swung as much as 30 times.

  • Must wear new clothes

On the anniversary celebrations in Russia, the majority of Russians prefer to buy new clothes to be used at the birthday party. This is because by wearing a new dress is considered to form and develop the character – a positive character for people who birth. In addition, by wearing a new outfit, his friends will surely see the impression is different from before in terms of appearance.

  • Eat noodles

This tradition is unique, where the birthday celebration by eating noodles. This is believed by eating noodles then people who are repeating will long as long as the noodles. This activity is rarely done russia because it is considered illogical, but there are some people still run this tradition.

  • Eat fairy bread

In celebration of birthday in the countries of europe, especially Russia will not be separated with the party last night in the form of alcoholic drinks, barbique and no less left is fairy bread. Fairy bread is made by a fresh bread smeared with butter and subsequently decorated sprinkle on it. In this modern era, the tradition of eating fairy bread has begun to disappear, but there are still some people who implement it.

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Thus a brief explanation of 9 traditions of how to celebrate birthday party in russia. The tradition of this anniversary celebration in russia is indeed amazing and full of fun. The various philosophies of this anniversary tradition show the richness of culture in Russia.

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